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Quick questions about this garment:

1) Is this jacket lined?

2) single or 2x ventile?

3) What grade of ventile do you guys use?

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1) It has a "45" lining — the top half of the back of the jacket is lined with two overlapping layers of off-white cotton. See


The arms are fully lined with off-white cotton. 


Where not lined, seams are bound (again with off-white cotton). See



2) Single.



3) We know it as L24. Does that answer your question properly?

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very much so, nice to see you guys know your garments inside out.
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While I remember, and to improve my answer above, the cloth is at least in part double-layer: the Ventile at coat front is self-faced and thus doubled up.
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Copped this morning for our winter:


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Just received the three-button blazer in mid-blue.

It's beautifully made, and the fabric is great stuff, full of personality like a good Donegal should be. Despite being part-lined it's still warm, I wore it over a light jumper yesterday in 5 degrees C and was perfectly comfortable.

I was fully prepared to have to return it because RTW jackets usually fit me very poorly but the fit is actually quite good. There's some slight collar gap and I might have it taken in a little further at the waist. The one thing I would change about it is the armholes; even allowing for it being RTW I think the armholes could be higher. All in all though it's a surprisingly good fit on me for RTW and the silhouette is nice; it looks slightly tailored without losing that 1920s Yorkshire mining town vibe.

There are some nice touches, the horn buttons are spot on (and firmly fastened!) and the pipe pocket fits a mobile phone neatly. I will say again the fabric is great, I took several pictures of it and deleted them all because they didn't do justice to the way it looks in person.

Having missed the tobacco peacoat I was pleased to pick this up as my first SEH piece. I'm pretty impressed with it.
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lead-horizontal-chalk-stripe-wool-seam-overshirt-1.jpg 126k .jpg file



 Anyone happen to have the above shirt in a large ? 

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New indigo blazer looks stunning (though elbow patches aren't to my taste) - definitely more than I should drop on a jacket at the moment though.
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Thanks for pointing it out.
The elbow patches, and tool compartments inside the pocket, are a nod to the day-to-day work of the weaver with whom we worked so closely on the development of the cloth. The idea with the elbow patches in particular, as well as the arms being cut curved to have more room at the elbow, is to add durability for a man forever hunched over a loom; while the tool slots are for stashing weaving odds and ends.
Future versions of the one-button blazer (less "limited" / one-off ones) likely will feature neither, or at least not both, of these features.
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The new blazer is an absolute beauty - I see it's moved fast!


Here's a photo of the collarless jacket in action:



Really enjoying it an awful lot.

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What size jacket/how tall are you? The cinnamon cord version is really nice and is on the list for winter!
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Small / 5'11 - Paul helped me out greatly with working out the sizing and this fits perfectly.

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Any chance there'll be a restock of the Donegal 3 button blazer any time soon? Particularly in L?
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The three-button blazer will indeed be coming back later in the year.
The cloth for both that, and the new peacoat, arrived from County Donegal last week, and will go into work towards the end of the month.
It will be the same "Tetris" tweed as last time, but in different colours, and with a slightly softer handle.
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Excellent, thanks!
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