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S.E.H Kelly

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I don't think S.E.H Kelly has been discussed here, so here's the thread to do it.

I like their simple designs, muted colours and dedication to having everything made in England. I own a pair of their wool trousers. Good cut, nice fabric, horn buttons, simple but solid construction (unlined, basic waistband).

The garments are produced in very limited numbers - as few as 6 pieces.

Customer service is excellent and the prices seem pretty reasonable.

In my opinion, it's a brand to watch.

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I just love their Greem dry-waxed cotton jacket, but i am not sure about the price. I think it's too high for a teenager like me, so i wonder if it's worth it. 

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Any comments on why SEH Kelly won't deduct VAT on shipments to the USA? Love their clothes, but have had rotten luck lately with customs from other UK sites and would hate to pay taxes x2. Thanks.
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Hello folks


Paul (founder / tea-boy) from S.E.H Kelly here.


Just to answer the above question, we don't charge VAT to anyone (we're a very small operation) which is why we can't deduct it for overseas customers.


Hope that clarifies that. Sorry to chime in with such a dull point of fact.



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The clothes look great, best of luck.

I might try it out soon.
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Stuff looks great
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Kind words much appreciated. Thank you.

Would the forum welcome updates in this thread on our progress and releases?
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It'll be great getting updates from you guys directly. It'll also be cool if some questions about the pieces could be answered here as well.
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Happy to answer any questions people here may have. There shouldn't be anything -- design, make, fit -- we can't respond to in detail and in good time.

And I'm on most hours of the day for more direct enquiries.

Thanks again

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Looks great, but I don't like the fully buttoned up, high top button look of the jackets - are they 3 roll 2 or really just a high 3?
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If you're referring to our standard three-button blazer (e.g. -- it is a high three, though there is a slight roll that extends marginally beyond the top button; when worn open it assumes a slight 3/2 aspect.
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I don't think it's designed to be a tailored jacket anyway, more of a casual outerwear piece, the same way you might wear a harrington or an overshirt or something, maybe a touch more formal.
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Exactly that.
The three-button blazer is, like all our garments, casual.
Having said that, preliminary work has begun on a more structured, formal-type blazer.
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Nice clothes and good to see a maker with commitment to creating and producing items of quality in these Islands.thumbs-up.gif...thanks. Now it's up to us to support you by buying! Interested in the navy cut-away shirt myself( I take it this is a regular fit?) and would welcome opinions on matching trousers from the range available?
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Many thanks.
The semi-cutaway shirts are made from a brushed wool-cotton (20% wool, 80% cotton).
It's a thick cloth so is complemented well with the heavier of our wool trousers -- the notch-back flecked charcoal trouser, for instance ( 
In fact here's the grey version of the same shirt worn with that trouser: 


Worn together you end up with a soft but thick shirting sitting on top of an also thick but sturdier and somewhat rougher wool. It's a weight / texture combination we keep in mind when choosing cloths this time of year -- this year and in years previous.
Hope that helps.
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