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Preppy scarf?

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Hey winter is approaching fast in Chicago and I'm looking to pick up a few new scarves to brighten up my winter wardrobe.  I'm a sophomore in college right now. I'm interested in getting some collegiate/ivy prep in my outfits and I like the collegiate stripe thing but also want something a little more interesting. There is this scarf from a while ago that was in Gossip Girl that I still think is pretty fly but is waaay overpriced for just a silk scarf that is probably $100 more since it was on the show. Looking for a price range of under 200 but can always bend that. Here it is:


Anyways I really want something similar to that but don't want to be walking around with a scarf from a show and look too vain. If you all know any sites and shops selling scarves in that fashion it would be much appreciated. I'm looking for something with red, whites, and blues. I have been in love with that combo for the past few months and trying to work it in my outfits as much as possible. Everyone is plaid crazy right now with scarves and ties so I'd like to break away from that. Thankss!!

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Drakes, JPress, Johnstons for "preppy" scarves.

Silk? Wool?
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preferably wool (cashmere) for warmth

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j. press schoolboy scarf (40% off online with "PSDEC11") - don't worry about wearing a scheme not of your alma mater - few kids going to ivy-league schools even know what j press is

RL rugby scarf - i think these are made by the same scarf-maker as the j press schoolboy ones
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what do you think about this scarf? Do you think the plaid is too mistakable for burberry? I don't want that to happen

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OP said you wanted to get away from plaid, so you chose a plaid scarf? facepalm.gif WWM makes good stuff.
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ugh that reminds me of how much i disliked WWM FW 11

why can't that scarf figure out what it wants to be?
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