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You receive $500, what do you buy? - Page 2

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diamond collar stays
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Probably a pair of Alden boots or Alfred Sargents.
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Originally Posted by freedom_fries View Post

diamond collar stays

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I need pyjamas.
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Cloth tape.......or maybe a few thousand socks with holes in them............Iroh needs something more to do with his time..........
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A pair of good, well-made chinos, some raw Levi's 501 jeans,and some camp or blucher moccasins. 


It's either that, or a Barbour Bedale jacket and a sweater.



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I did just receive an unexpected $500. I'm tempted by Carmina double-monks @ Epaulet, but I think I'll add a little more money & order custom shell cordovan saddle shoes from Alfred Sargent.

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Practical answers to questions like these are no fun - saving it for later? come on. Maybe the question should be rephrased:


Every retailer in the world gives you 24 hours to spend up to $500 (in total) on clothes/shoes/accessories. Use it or lose it. Now what are you buying?

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Pull a Charlie Sheen and hire a call girl?

$500 is either a fortune or a pittance, depending on taste and needs. YMMV, but most here aren't going to get a dream suit/ shoes for that. For younger guys, it might get you that first decent suit/shoes. For me, I'd proably fill a gap in the wadrone I've been putting off, brogues or vacation wear.
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I would get fifty thousand pennies and give them all to Carl at CEGO!
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Is this assuming we don't have any money? Is this assuming we spend any money we have? This question doesn't make sense. I'd hope most people wouldn't immediately just think they should spend any money they get.
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Buy a bottle of Stoli and Brandy and then hit a girlie club with da rest..... said clothes!
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

I would use the money to fulfill a need only and not a desire. If I had no immediate need, I would put it in the bank until a need presented itself, however long that may take. When a need finally arrived, I would make my purchase and again thank the person who had given me the gift.

Man of Lint is truly a classy gentleman. Hurrah for this!


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Now who will give me that $500 again ?
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