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Fit for Dockers pants

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I'm looking for someone who has experience with Dockers pants. I am confused as to how you know if the pants will fit your thighs. I have 23" quads.


I have 32" waist, 30" inseam, 23" quads. 


Anyone know which ones would fit, and which ones wouldn't? Any help would be appreciated. 



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anything bigger than 'slim' fit will be quite baggy. The d1 slim fit i would describe as a straight fit. They would probably be decent for you. if you don't have much junk in your trunk you could try one of their skinnier options.
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check out the Dockers Alpha. I picked up 2 pairs green & navy. Love them. Slim through leg, not to slim in the quad area. I have thick quads too. These are great. 

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dockers has the most inconsistent fitting pants of any label ever. even within the exact same model/style you might find up to 5 or 6 different overall fits. only way I'd even consider them is if you tried them on in store or plan to have them tailored.
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I have very similar proportions to you, so I can offer some advice.

If you're looking for a slim look, then you want the D1 fit or the Alpha Khakis. With your quads, anything slimmer (D0, Khaki Waders) will be too tight. The D1s and the Alphas will feel slightly tight in the thighs when you first get them, but they'll expand the more you wash and wear them. The Alpha Khakis have a middle rise, slim thighs, and tapers in the lower leg -- it's a good fit and people have been raving about them in the Slim Khakis thread. I like the D1 Soft Khakis even more - it's slim through the thighs, straight down the lower leg, and has a higher rise.

aphextwin07 is totally right about the inconsistent fits. They must have different factories producing their pants because I've had a 31x30 pair fit me exactly right and another 31x30 pair that actually fits like a 32x29. It's best to try it on and buy it in a store; even if you think you know your size, what you receive from might fit totally whack.
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Thanks for the advice! What waist size should I order to ensure that they fit throughout the thigh area, is there really any way to tell, or just go to a store?


I'm from Canada and having them shipped by a family friend. The only store that carries them in Sears, and their selection is very limited.

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I would recommend going with your normal waist size (32) for a true slim fit. In the absence of trying things on in a store, consider ordering multiple sizes (31-33) from an online retailer like Amazon, which has a good return policy. Keep the ones you like, send back the ones you don't.
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Im in toronto! picked up the alphas on 40% at The Bay Yorkdale. Bay Eaton had too. 


I think they were $50ish after discount.

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