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Dear Eustace Tilly,

I just wrote a detailed O'Mast Review. . That aside, isn't it sad that so many people were in one room that know each other from SF but for some reason they were not able to say hello to each other?
Well, I hope everyone had a good time.

With regards to the movie, of course it is not as comprehensive as the Savile Row documentary but the BBC and Kid Dandy have different budgets. In addition, no one has made an accessible movie about Neapolitan tailors before and as such I find extremely valuable. It is not easy to make a movie for such a small crowd.

In comparison, there is men of cloth and the director Vicki very admirably tries to get the movie finished. But it has taken her years, whereas Gianluca was able to get in financed and finished in a much shorter time frame. That in itself is a great accomplishment in my opinion.

I can honestly say, that I look forward to a second movie.
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Bought my copy for £20 from Drake's - near to Bond Street and hundred yards from Kiton. Loved the passion displayed by all. Antonio Panico has an amazing voice and presence.

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Bought a copy for my tailor. Waiting for him to watch it. I told him he is not allowed to until he finishes my overcoat.
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Bought it, watched it, enjoyed it... only to confirm what I knew before; I'm going to visit one of these tailors very soon.

Many thanks to Migliarotti and Cho for such a great documentary.
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