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Vancouver is Pimpin!!!

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Hi all.
I just been there, and it was just amazing! The partys were great and i met some really nice people. I didnt have a lot of time there, but i am def. going back there soon.
Just looked over this article in maxim, where they posted some need tips where to go and so on. The hotel is way to expensive, but the Bar is worth a try.

take a look yourself here: Vancouver

Oh, if anyone from Vancouver reads this, cold will it get now? should i wait untill spring?

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The coldest time of the year is between Dec-Jan where it usually reaches about 5C, but rains a lot. The winter only last about 3 months otherwise the temperatures are usually between 15-20C.
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Great, thanks a lot
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Wait until Spring, the best time to visit is in early summer (providing it isn't raining). It's getting warm but it's not too hot, the past few summers have seen extended periods of 30+ degree heat. There is a ton to see and do in the summer in the Vancity, not so much at night (that's more of a year round thing, Vancouver's nightlife isn't one of its strong points).

As for the Maxim article, if you're staying in the Yaletown go to Bar None for a good time, it's just down the street from the Opus, it is a lot more fun and less expensive. On Monday and Tuesday nights they have a live 8 piece funk band and the crowd always seems to be amazing. Lot's of lovely ladies dancing their faces off....

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