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Opinions On J.Crew Clothing?

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I recently looked at J.Crew and at first glance, I really like the products they have to offer and seem to be a very established and reputable brand...

How do you guys feel about J.Crew? How is the quality of there clothing? Comparable to those of designer brands?
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It's a mall brand masquerading as a hip premium brand; and they're doing a great job at fooling the masses.
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There's a whole thread dedicated to J. Crew here.

As for the general opinion on J. Crew; they offer a wide variety of items, some of which are geared towards the workwear trend that has kicked up in the last few years, an angle that allowed them to gain some traction in the menswear blogosphere a few years back. Their collaborations are the biggest reason to buy, as they can pull in some big names and generate some really killer individual pieces.

They are, however, very overpriced, and the clothes tend to fit anywhere from "alright" to terrible. As a "fashion" brand, it's not really taken seriously; however, it is a good gateway for men who are just starting to try and define their style. As a mall brand, I'd say it's one of the better ones, if not the very best.

The quality is decent; better than most mall brands, but definitely not worth the price they charge for some of their items.
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I think a lot of members on this forum started off with J. Crew when they began to "dress well/adult", then they moved to better designer wear and started to feel like they were burned.

I won't pay $80 or whatever for a shirt, but for $20-$30, if it's a nice basic pattern then sure. The fit is very meh for their non slim shirts though -- meaning it has to drop below $20 for it to be worthwhile to even tailor. I bought a pretty cool flannel for $23 with student discount at an outlet on black friday, retails for $70 on their site right now. I'm a happy camper for what I got.
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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

It's a mall brand masquerading as a hip premium brand; and they're doing a great job at fooling the masses.

fooling the masses into what?
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So what other brands should people be looking at in the J.Crew retail price range, that are accessible and easy to try on?

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Club Monaco is only marginally better at a higher price. Next step up you're looking at designers who fulfill your aesthetic. You'll either find them in high end department stores, boutiques, or online.
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J. Crew has some nice pieces. And they may be overpriced in terms of quality/$, but the fact remains if you can't afford the higher end brands you just can't afford them and so J. Crew gives you options.
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Originally Posted by NickyEyes View Post

fooling the masses into what?

That it's a premium brand.
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You could make the argument that J.Crew's greatest "value" is the selection of their pieces. You are at least guaranteed not to look terrible if you assemble an outfit without really thinking about it. This something you can't really say about other brands, which take more of a scattershot approach to retail.
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I'm sorry but why is this thread even here?
THis topic has been discussed ad nauseam.
OP, if you want more specific info, go here:
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I apologize for making the thread, I guess I was just being lazy and not using the "search bar"

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Since it was stated that J.Crew is only of "decent" quality, what are some company's/brands that are considered great quality, and worth investing money into? 


I'm 16 years old, and I've watched countless amounts of money put into clothing, only for that clothing too see clothing drives shortly after. I've come to learn that sometimes when you buy something, seeking long-term value rather than just a cheap initial purchase can save SO much money in the long run. So please, if you guys could direct me too high quality brands, brands that actually care about the clothes they make, please educate me and steer me into the right direction.

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If you're 16, you could still get a growth spurt btw

If I were you, I would start by finding a good pair of raw jeans (eg, APC) that fits you really perfectly and then go from there, building your wardrobe very slowly and doing lots of research so you figure out an aesthetic that will work on you in the long-term
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