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How many White Dress Shirts do you own

Poll Results: How many white dress shirts do you own?

  • 4% (6)
  • 22% (34)
  • 44% (66)
  • 29% (44)
150 Total Votes  
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I thought this would be a fun thread to see how many White dress shirts you own. Please respond to the poll. Also, feel free to chim in where you purchased the shirts from and how much they cost. Lastly, did you get them tailored?
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6 BB non-iron slim fit. Got them at the last sale to replace my older ones (2 for 109).

I could take the waist in a bit, but it's not really necessary. BB ESF fits perfectly around the waist but is way too tight around the shoulders/chest unfortunately.
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15 white shirts all tailored.

7 white spread collar french cuff

8 white oxford button downs. bb extra slim
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Plain white only 5. 2 BB OCBD, 2 BB turndown collar, 1 custom spread collar with french cuffs.
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I've probably got better than a dozen plain white (or white with texture). Maybe 2 or 3 MTM ones from a few years ago (subsequently taken in thanks to weight loss), half a dozen older white ones of cheap make that have been altered a few times, and maybe 6-8 that I've picked up recently, mostly BB, Gitman Bros, Robert Talbott, and Ike Behar (few, if any, needed any tailoring). I'd definitely like to have a few more to add to the rotation. Add in white shirts with faint stripes, patterns, etc. and that number probably doubles, at least.
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I have three right now. It's on my shopping list to pick up one or two more.
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5, all Borrelli spread collars. Some FC, some BC.
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Four right now, various brands and styles. None are tailored, I generally don't bother with shirts, since I generally wear a sweater or a jacket anytime it might matter. And that doesn't count the various white with stripes or checks, of which I have another 4.
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only 2....both spread collar from Modern Tailor, one FC and one BC. I really don't wear plain white dress shirts very often, these make it into my rotation maybe once a month each.
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Just 1, I'm doggin it!
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One Button Down
Two Barrel Cuffs
Two With Frech Cuffs

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5 solid white: 3 Borrelli, 1 Ralph Lauren Black Label, 1 Kiton.
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8 Paul Stuart, 1 Canali, 1 Zegna Tuxedo, 1 RLBL Tuxedo.
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just 3 whites for now from p. stuart

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