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what pen should I bring to my job interview?

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never really cared about pens but since i will be wearing a nice proper fitting suit and nice shoes why skimp on the pen i will use to take notes, since appearances and details matter. i have only used el cheapo plastic pens, what should i upgrade to?

also include places to buy these pens, i am in canada, local or shipping is fine.
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By "nice" what price range are you looking for?? .... pens can get crazy $$$$ expensive.
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hmmm, not looking forward to spending too much, maybe $20, so long as it doesn't look cheap like those throwaway plastic pens. however feel free to suggest more pricier alternatives, i will be reading with amusement.
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Cross has some very nice ballpoints and roller balls in the $25-$45 range - Calais, Contour, Classic Century, Aventura, and Advantage.

Take a look at pencity.com, they have an "under $26" section with lots of nice choices.

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Short of using a crayon or a quill pen, I don't think it will matter at all.

Good luck with your interview, though.thumbs-up.gif
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Run down to Office Depot and pick up a steel Cross or Parker.
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pricey models may spark jealousy, envy, fear, ect..  find a simple meal pen that doesn't look cheap or like a mb knockoff..


now if you brought an ipad with a nice stylus = goo goo ga ga



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well I hope your not TOO amused b/c I will qualify my suggestions w/ the disclaimer that I am in no way a pen expert as someone else around here undoubtedly is... also I'm assuming you want a regular ballpoint as opposed to a roller ball or for the truly baller (haha) pen man a fountain! ok... here goes....happy.gif

I think in the $25-$40 range you can easily find something classy and functional from Cross or Parker... checkout www.worldlux.com to browse and maybe Amazon for better prices. A step up would probably be something from Waterman, Visconti, or St. Dupont but more like in the $150-$300 range depending on materials. Of course there is always Montblanc.

I purchased a Montblanc Boheme a few years ago when I decided to invest in a nice pen myself... it's actually a smallish pen (about 2/3 of the "regular" pen length) and fits very easily in one's pocket. I like the smaller size just personally for convenience. I got a great deal on it duty free in Taipei for around $300.

Now for the utterly insane... if you've never seen a 100K+ pen check out www.pianki.com. For those who truly have everything and cannot think of one other possible thing on which to spend $100,000!!

Hope that helps.... even if you just get a nice Cross, Parker, or something along those lines you will look 1,000x more polished and classy... I think the style points are far greater than the minor investment. Good luck.
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This post is rather a nonsense really because it is unlikley that anyone will notice or case.
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Turn up with a gold pen with diamond studs, a 3-piece suit with a loud pocket square and DEMAND that they give you the job - with stock options.

When you start, you should send an email to every partner in your new firm like this.
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Do not bring a nice pen. There is downside in doing something that might be considered "flashy" or even just "quirky" in an interview, and I can't see any upside unless you are interviewing at (a) a place that takes the image of its employees far, far too seriously, or (b) a fancy pen retailer. Bring a cheap pen and forget about it.
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Originally Posted by iroh View Post

Iroh's Guides: How To Repair Your Socks.
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A sock with a hole
A Serger
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Originally Posted by MolotisX 


In this Instructable I will show you how to fix a Bic 'clicky' pen with only some materials from the pen. This is useful If you are already at work / school and the pen breaks by losing a piece or something.

Step 1: Open it up


Step 2: The pieces may be missing


This piece is not vital to the pen, it's just the clicking mechanism, so you won't need them.

Step 3: Take out the spring


Now we need to take the spring out and stretch it alot. Put it back on the ink tube until it stops afterwards.

Step 4: Close it up


Put all of the tubing pieces back on, then put the smaller black tube inside of it

Step 5: You're done and ready for your job interview!


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Originally Posted by wing8tesqw View Post

pricey models may spark jealousy, envy, fear, ect..  find a simple meal pen that doesn't look cheap or like a mb knockoff..

now if you brought an ipad with a nice stylus = goo goo ga ga

Oh so that must be why I am not getting the jobs huh? I always carry a Mont Blanc in my leather portfolio. I never flash it around, it is tugged in my portfolio.
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Carry a Mirado Black Warrior #2 pencil. The only way to roll.
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Thread has already entered the snark zone, but I like the Parker Jotter ballpoint. It's inexpensive and I think the blue or burgundy resin + steel cap looks great.

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