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I wonder if anyone who owns SL boots and/or shoes for a while now can comment on how the quality is in the long run. How have they aged?
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I own two pairs of SL boots and two pairs of laced up shoes, I think they are good quality in general after using nearly a year, but I have a same minor issue with my two SL ( a boot and a shoe), that is the lining inside the right shoe peeled off a little bit.

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Anyone got more pics of the Eugene shoe? I am looking to buy a pair of black oxfords and from the SL website they look perfect but I wanted to see some 'real' shots of a pair if possible, rather than the website photos.
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here's some pictures of my friend's SL shoes:)





















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^ nice patina.  I couldn't pull them off, but they still look good.  


Does anyone know if the "greasy leather" basically the same as CXL from Horween?  Also curious about the type of fur lining.  



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Wearing my SL boots today:


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Love these -- you wouldn't have the model name/number info?
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@rgweiser53 I purchased them about 3 years ago.  I took a quick look on the website and they don't have the exact shoe any more.  Mine in the photo are on the 174 last with dianite soles.  The link below looks to be the closest model.  The 174 last is pointer than the 198.   I am happy with them, but would actually prefer them on the 198.  One thing to note: oddly they are not made with a loop in the back of the shoe to hold the straps in place.  I took them to a local cobbler and had them added, but annoyed it was not part of the original shoe.  



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Anyone expecting a new pair anytime soon?

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Well yes, I've bought a pair of their Joffre oxfords in "Vocalou old brown" about a month ago. Good looking shoes these are, but the quality of leather and build turned out to be rather questionable. The color was uniform to begin with but as the leather stretched around stress points it loses quite a bit of color (exhibit 1). This discoloration goes away as the leather relaxes after wear. More disturbingly, in one place the leather has actually cracked (!!) after just two days (exhibit 2). The sole is not exactly perfect either (exhibits 3, 4). This once again is after just two wears. I am frankly rather disappointed; I did expect more from them.




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^Color loss is normal for crust leather at creases. Nature of the beast and beloved by many. Cracking on the other hand..I'd try contacting SL


Anyone have any experience with their shell? 

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Check out their new store opening in Singapore

3 Pickering Street #01-16 behind Great Eastern building at the corner

Many made mistakes walking straight through and ended up the other side of building as it seems all well connected as one ended up with another shoe maker ( Diamond Walker )

Well a cool relief after all compared both brands and ended buying a new pair / Make by Septieme : )
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Hi all, I'm considering to buy my first SL pair... Do they run winter sales on the website?
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Good timing, I received this email earlier in the week: 


Dear Customers,

Private sales from the 3rd to the 8th of January.
20% to 40% discount on the winter collection !
Available in our parisian stores and on the website

Septieme Largeur's team wish you a happy new year celebrations

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Thanks europrep!
Just went on the website...unfortunately the suede boots i wanted aren't discounted.

Another question: any comparison between SL and Meermin?
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