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I'm looking for some chukkas, but can't decide which ones to go for. Does anyone here own shoes/boots in the SL 198 last SL 198 last and the Meermin hiro last? Would love to see a comparison....

The Septieme Largeur looks slightly more elegant, but at considerably higher price and a leather sole. Which is less than ideal in Norway...


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Hi guys, I just returned from Paris with a beautiful pair of Septieme Largeur "Prune" Oxfords.  I've decided they are far too nice to wear at my current company, and I can't justify this price for them to sit in the closet, so if anyone is interested let me know.  They have never been worn.  I paid ~$380(275EUR).  I can't find this model on the website but they are very similar to the Pablo http://www.septiemelargeur.fr/pablo--last-206-brown-vocalou-p21375-en.html 

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I wear AE shoes (108, 511 last)  8,5D size, Carmina Forest in 7,5 EE (average width Carminas shoes).
Gentlemen, please give me advice about the size of SL SMITH 7505 and JOFFRE 199, 206 E or 224 last.
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Driving loafers. About 4 years old. I don't wear as often as I should.

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How does the leather hold up for these shoes for folks who have owned them for a while ?

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I think my rather unhelpful answer is that it depends how good it was in the first place.

I have four pairs of SLs which I wear regularly. Three are some of my most comfortable shoes and have held up very well. The fourth from the start creased the way cheaper shoes with poor leather do. I should probably have returned them.
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Somewhat similar experience. I own three pairs. Very happy with leather quality of two of them and a bit disappointed in the third.

The leather of the drivers in my photo is very good for the price IMHO.
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Can anyone comment on the fit of the 9095 last? Seen here:



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no experience, sorry.  if you email them, they are very helpful...sometimes it takes them a couple days to respond, but always do. 

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Hi! Your shoes are absolutely stunning, could i know what colours were mixed? i'm thinking of ordering a pair and i would like them just like this(:



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I didn't specify the exact colours per se. All I did was tell Lucas (shop owner of the branch in Singapore) that I wanted a dark brown with lighter streaks of colour variations. I think he mixed like 3-4 colours though.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
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@BlackTalon oh you are in Sg too? I'll be purchasing them here as well;) jacky is the one doing the patina I think and he does a damn fine job! Prices are slightly higher than in Paris though. I study in the UK but I have been reluctant to order online because of sizing issues.. Great to know another shoe enthusiast in Singapore!
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Another stunning patina from septiemelargeur … the new Lapo RS (Reverse Stitching) - Merci !!


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