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Coats for very skinny men

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I recieved a large order from Uniqlo today and whilst t shirts, shirts and sweaters all fit perfectly in size XS - The coats I ordered are all too wide. I have no warm outerwear that fits well, and as the weather is getting much colder here in the UK, I need to buy some as soon as possible.

I am 5ft10 - and between 125-130lbs. I think I have quite wide shoulders for my frame, but only a 28" waist. Can anyone recommend any brands/stores that have small sizes? I don't really want to spend more than £300 per coat and I'm interested in quite classic styles like trench coats, pea coats and Chesterfield coats.

I will post pictures of the coats I recieved today if it will help people see the problem,
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Dior Homme.

Also, a tailor and / or MTM are your friend. Outerwear can be tailored like any other garment.
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If the dude got a large order of Uniqlo I'm thinking Dior Homme is probably out of his price range.

I wonder if the coats are actually too big or if you just want them to fit too small ...

Anyway, look at Japanese brands.
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you should buy some food intead

barring that, lad musician fits small

dior homme, as above

w+h xs is tiny

pretty sure zara is fitted too (for cheap stuff)

im sure hipster barn has tons of cheap small stuff, too (urban outfitters)

eat, please, you're wasting away!
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If you really want the Uniqlo jacket in your size, check into proxying it a Uniqlo in Asia as their smallest size should be smaller than an UK/American XS. The sleeve length may be a problem though.

Another option? At 5ft10 125-130lbs, I would lift heavy weights and eat more.
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OK thanks for the replies.

Firstly I would love to be in the gym lifting weights, but at the minute I have an issue with my kidneys so lifting weights regularly would have a very negative effect on my recovery. I'm getting better, but at the minute it is not an option.

Next I have checked out the Dior recomendation - and unfortunatly as Uncontrol predicted it is more than I am willing to pay for a coat. In my orginal post I said £300 was my limit but I would stretch to £400-500 for something I really like. Surely I can get a good fitting, nice coat for that?

I will look at other options now (Uncontrol what japenese brands do you recommend?) and I will post pictures of the coats to show why I don't think they are suitable.

Thanks again,
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if you're in the EU you may want to check out cos, they have some nice looking affordable coats
i hear the brand fits quite slim, but never had the chance to try on any of their stuff, so can't guarantee the coats will be slim enough for you.
still, you must not be *too* slim if uniqlo XSs tops fit you well. some of their xs button-ups are a little baggy for me. this year's outerwear also fit a little baggier than usual.
there's a thread devote to them
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Jump the Gun, who have sizes down to 34R, may be worth taking a look at:

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Originally Posted by skeptic View Post

Jump the Gun, who have sizes down to 34R, may be worth taking a look at:

I'm skinny and large so I have to take Japanese XL.

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Thanks for the replies - Any other suggestions?

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Would looking for a size XL in "boys" sizes be the next size down? If so does anyone know of any brands/stores that do good quality childs sizes

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Would a thick ("chunky knit") sweater between you and the Uniqlo jackets be enough to make them (almost) fit?

I doubt you're going to find anything in kids' sizes that looks like something you would want to wear. Then again, I haven't shopped for children's clothing since I was the child in question.
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Lad Musician fits small.
American Apparel, as much as I hate to say it, has very skinny sizes.
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