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So I loaded up boards with mens style, home decor and food, wine and cocktails. I will see if my photos have any appeal to the Pinterest demographic. From what I can tell there aren't a huge number of #menswear guys participating just yet. The guys that are there seem to be a young GQ crowd. No hardcore SW&D or MC. Food is like a lot of pics from cookbooks. Home decor is pretty good, like a good issue of Elle Decor. Cool offices and apartments.

I was meeting with two female clients last night whose business is fashion accessories. They think Pinterest is cool and spend a lot of time there for women's fashion inspiration.
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i'm getting married in a couple of months and the fraking party planner is pinteresting the fuck out of us. i get like 3 emails a day telling me that she's added shit to the "idea board" or whatever she's calling it and WTF am i supposed to do with it? i have enough shit going on. "OH I JUST LOVE THE WAY THE NAPKIBNS ARE FOLDED ON ROW 93 COLUMN 12!"

i'm gonna make peenterist and poster up a bunch of cawks and see how it's received.
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I use Pinterest, initially as a way of storing photographs, and therefore the websites these photographs came from, as a point of reference, which I'm pretty sure is what it's meant for. 


People seem to be using it for a whole host of reasons though and bothering someone with pins you've added is a bit pointless, other than to try and get more traffic to your blog or website, which is also exactly why I signed up for it, so basically it is an annoying tool to bother people with.  check mine out there.  I think I basically went full circle there.

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Yeah - I have one, it is growing at a fast rate.

1000 of images as soon as you log in.

They trend like crazy.


Good Site regardless.

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my pinterest for men's clothing and shoes! You can see what a girl picks out haha :)

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Does anyone else here find that pinterest is becoming alot more male-oriented than it was a dew years ago?

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