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Need some help finding a (casual) shoe

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I've been looking for a shoe similar to this one for some time: The model above is the "Dave" from Diesel, the upper looks like a football (soccer) shoe with the sole from a driving shoe.  Unusual, trendy, but not exactly what I'm looking for.  Actually I would be happy with the shoe above but the quality is rather low - I know not to expect a lot out of an $80 mass produced shoe, but I'm looking for something that at least compares to my regular soccer shoes (adidas Copa Mundials - a nice entry level kangaroo leather model.) Anyway, what I really want is a shoe with a driving sole (turned up heel) that's NOT a moc, and that doesn't have an overly "racy" look to it (I know I'm being rather vague, but I saw someone on the street wearing full on "Goodyear" logo-ed adidas shoes and cracked up laughing.)  Soccer style upper would be a bonus (I know Pantofola d'Oro makes a leisure line with traditional (non-driving) soles but they're impossible to find in North America.)  Ideas/suggestions anyone?
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Not exactly sure what you are looking for, maybe these?
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Some labels you may want to check out is Premiata (make some soccer-esque shoes), Via Spiga, Puma has a designer shoe that looks like a futuristic driving sneaker, Pirelli has some sneakers with a driving sole, and you can go with a true driver's shoe like those by Sabelt (check out By the way the shoe above is by Hogan, you can see both them and the Pirelli's at Happy hunting.. .. ..
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