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Need some help finding a (casual) shoe

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I've been looking for a shoe similar to this one for some time: http://www.shoeparlor.com/Merchant/DslDaveBlk236.jpg The model above is the "Dave" from Diesel, the upper looks like a football (soccer) shoe with the sole from a driving shoe.  Unusual, trendy, but not exactly what I'm looking for.  Actually I would be happy with the shoe above but the quality is rather low - I know not to expect a lot out of an $80 mass produced shoe, but I'm looking for something that at least compares to my regular soccer shoes (adidas Copa Mundials - a nice entry level kangaroo leather model.) Anyway, what I really want is a shoe with a driving sole (turned up heel) that's NOT a moc, and that doesn't have an overly "racy" look to it (I know I'm being rather vague, but I saw someone on the street wearing full on "Goodyear" logo-ed adidas shoes and cracked up laughing.)  Soccer style upper would be a bonus (I know Pantofola d'Oro makes a leisure line with traditional (non-driving) soles but they're impossible to find in North America.)  Ideas/suggestions anyone?
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Not exactly sure what you are looking for, maybe these?
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Some labels you may want to check out is Premiata (make some soccer-esque shoes), Via Spiga, Puma has a designer shoe that looks like a futuristic driving sneaker, Pirelli has some sneakers with a driving sole, and you can go with a true driver's shoe like those by Sabelt (check out Yoox.com). By the way the shoe above is by Hogan, you can see both them and the Pirelli's at raffaello-network.com. Happy hunting.. .. ..
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