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Starching Shirt Cuffs

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I've recently picked up a tuxedo shirt for a steal ($4.50) at a used clothing store. It's not ideal but it fits and has ruffles (And it was $4.50).


The major problem however is the cuffs, they're loose and floppy, how do I get them stiff again? I assume I would starch them however I have never starched anything before in my life and have no idea how to go about this type of thing. I've heard you can use corn starch mixed with water and an iron, is that safe or could I screw this up? Do those spray starch things work at all? Or would it be better to send it to a professional dry cleaner and have them do it?




On a tangent:

Should tuxedos come standard with a boutonniere?

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I used spray starch long ago. It seemed to work okay. You can make your own more cheaply with corn starch, but the spray stuff is more convenient and usually has some scent added. Avoid overuse of the starch, though.

Boutonniere usually refers to the flower that is stuck in the lapel buttonhole. I don't see why a tuxedo should come with a flower that will become wilted within a day or so. You should get each flower fresh with every wearing.
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3% corn starch in spray water (if you want some scent, add a few drops of essential oil in the concoction). Better than comercial sprays, they have silicon added.
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