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Best fashion suits

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I'll be straight up. I can appreciate a lot of the sartorial wisdom here, but at heart I'm more of a fashion-suit guy. A slim silouette is as important to me as many other suit characteristics. That said, I can also appreciate canvassed pieces (or half canvas smile.gif).

So, there are a lot of threads ranking the quality of suits, but I want to know how the fashion suits measure up to one another.

At the top of the list, it's almost a no brainer, Dior Homme, but after that, how do the following suits rank out in terms of quality/sartorial-ness despite admittedly fashion-suit status: Gucci, Prada, Burberry, YSL, MMM, and any others I should include? I always assume the slim-fit styles.

Thanks in advance for any pointers, advice. BTW--I'm a 36S (emphasis on the short), so sometimes even though I consider Dior to be the best fashion suit, it almost looks too long and flowing for me, if you know what I mean.
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You can still have a slim silouette from what you call "non-fashion" suits. As for fashion suits, people here like RLBL.
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Phineas Cole?
And you find the suits on WAYWRN too sack-like?
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I'm sure someone here will have the answer for you. I remember reading this same topic before... until then I'm pretty sure Jil Sander and YSL make canvassed suits. Not sure about Gucci, Prada. I know Burberry has different levels of suits like many other brands. Usually their less expensive lines use lesser quality materials and construction. there are also brands like Caruso and Zegna which are slim but maybe more traditionally styled that make canvased suits. I would think if you're into fashion suits, you'd be more interested in a particular designer's cut more than the construction/canvas method. 

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p.s. I just read you are a 36 short. If you like the aesthetic, Thom Browne or Black Fleece may float your boat... both are well made and slim and short.

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Im always quite partial to YSL or "Yves". Z Zegna is solid if you call that a fashion suit, Gucci is pretty good usually but they run a bit long as does YSL. If your a 36 and short a "conservative" Thom Brown may look right on you, his make and cloth is actually very good.
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surprised no one mentioned Armani, especially their Trend line
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D&G suits
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Originally Posted by uhurit View Post

surprised no one mentioned Armani, especially their Trend line

Cheap quality and mainstream. Unless you go with the Giorgio Armani line black label, Armani privé or Armani le collezioni. Emporio Armani is of lower quality but still trendy and elegant, and stay away from "Mani by Armani" or Armani exchange. It's rubbish. AE is not even designed by Armani.

If you're short and skinny as I'm guessing and would like to show some ankles, then brooks brothers black fleece is for you, a little expensive, but the fabric is unmatched. Unfortunately 80% of black fleece is "imported" nowadays, aka made in china, a sad fact that doesn't justify the high cost for me, to say the least.

Gucci is amazing if you make +$120k year, so is D&G, although I'm not a big fan of their lapels construction.

Good luck.
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I'll throw in another recommendation for Raffaele Caruso suits. Your size might be hard to find though, unless you have access to a store with a full range of sizes and are willing to pay the full retail price. (I'm used to buying online where choice is limited - this might not be an issue for you). It's possible you'll need to size down, but if you can get the fit right then there's really nothing about the suits that make them incompatible with a more fashion-oriented look.

I think almost any modern suit (at least from Italy) can be a 'fashion suit' if you can find a slim fit, either off the rack or though some additional alteration to the waist. Additionally, so much about the 'attitude' you project with a suit is influenced by what you're wearing with it; from the shirt and shoes down to the accessories.

I would also suggest looking at Lanvin suits, which are (or at least were) made by Caruso. They're often on the shorter side too. I also think that 'Z' Zegna are making some really great pieces which, in my view, perfectly cover the ground between classic sartorial style and runway fashion, and are ideal for those with a foot in both camps. The suits have been criticised on here in the past for, among other things, sometimes being made in Mexico (which does seem inexplicable to me considering Zegna's high manufacturing presence in Italy and their ability to make - in Italy - garments for other fashion labels which retail at the same price level) but many of their pieces are made in Italy (and Switzerland) and the quality is more than adequate, IMO.
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This is perfect advice, thanks! That's exactly what I'm looking for -- skinny and short. So it looks like Thom Browne and Lanvin are some others I should check out. I have no problem dropping a lot on a suit, but not if it's made in China. smile.gif
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