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Where to store cologne?

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Hey, this seems like an odd question, but where is a good place to store your cologne? My bathroom is often very steamy, so I'm not sure if the excessive moisture from the steam will mess up the cologne. I was thinking of just sticking it into my desk drawer. I usually only use cologne 3-4 days a week; where is the best conditions for keeping cologne fresh?
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so long as you keep it in a cool dark storage area, cologne will last for a good 10 to 15 years (i got this info from guerlain)
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diplomatic_lies: The info I have is that most fragrances won't keep after six months to one year from the date of production, not when you buy it.   So first make sure it's "fresh" at the store.  Clearance centers may be less expensive but they may also be selling 2 or 3 year old fragrances, so it's wise to purchase yours from reputable department and drug stores.  Even then, look for boxes in plastic wrap or if they aren't packaged in shrink-wrap make sure the box looks new and not faded. Fragrance is a mixture of oils and alcohol, which is why heat and light can deteriorate your fragrance and the oils can become rancid.   So avoid keeping those showy bottles out on your bathroom counter in direct sunlight.  Keep them in the cabinet where it's dark, cool and dry.  It's also wise, not cheap, to buy the smallest bottle you can.   Even if you got a deal will you really use 64 ounces in one year? Andy
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.... and from what i posted above, i had always thought the same, that you had about one year for freshness with colgones but i happened to remember to ask for once and the people at guerlain in paris as well as the people at annick goutel in paris both said the same thing about their perfumes, that although they would hope you would use them up within a year, they'll still be good in 10 years if properly stored (there will be some evaporation loss but hey, this is what they told me directly)
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In my opinion, the best place to store most cologne and perfume is in the public sanitation system after you've flushed it all down the toilet. I avoid colognes because I'm allergic to some (I own Envy, but it makes me sneeze), other people I come into contact with regularly are allergic to many, and most people put on way too much such that it becomes an annoyance. Why reek havoc (get the pun?) on everyone around you? Natural scents are fine with me, and I bet many women (and men, depending on your persuasion) get turned on more by natural scents than artificial scents when things get up close and personal. Plus, I cannot think of any product in the fashion industry that probably has higher profit margins (read: bigger rip-off of the buyer) than the "eau de toilettes." I don't know for sure since I am not an industry insider, but I gotta think it's pretty damn cheap to develop, manufacture, market, and sell what is mostly basic alcohol with various chemicals added in. Put it in flashy bottles mass-produced in China and -- voila -- you've got yourself a money maker. Anybody out there know the typical gross and net margins for the perfume purveyors? Should we all work together to create "Eau de Styleforum" and make millions? :-)
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There's a very good reason why, in many department stores, the cologne counters greet you first when you enter: they have insanely high markups. The same goes for makeup. If you want a more economical way to purchase cologne, there are various websites that sell tester bottles for half of the retail prices. These testers are no different from the retail products; they simply lack the excessive packaging. I was able to purchase a bottle of Creed online for $100 less than the Neimans price.
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There is a company called Clive Christian that creates perfumes in an extremely exclusive manner. I have some of their catalogues or books, and they state that they utilize various materials from extoic locales. For one there is a particular oil that takes 170 flowers to produce one drop. Their perfumes are packaged in cut crystal bottles with vermeil, solid gold or gold with diamonds bands. Prices are from $600 to about $50,000 for bespoke parfum. Bergdorf Goodman is the exclusive carrier. And I say books for the catalogues as they are hardcover covered in black moire silk, and gold detailing with a thin gossamer introductory page.
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