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Originally Posted by TexasDan View Post

Impressive tie collection and very artful knots. Well done.

+1 fing02[1].gif
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(Spoo, did you ever get around to posting said explanation/video?)

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Yea @SpooPoker, we're waiting.
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Spoo does 4IH so well they almost look like Windsor knots.
I know I am in the minority but 4IH is the knot of choice for bagboys at the grocer and of the masses of men who are FORCED to wear suits but hate them. I just can not find any love for the knot. I guess I find the less than symmetric knot on an impeccable suit and shirt to strike me like a odd colored fender on a Ferrari. I don't see that and think, "impeccable automotive craftsmanship and look they screwed up one fender for a bit of sprezzatura". I think, "what a fine crafting of an automobile but it is a shame they don't know how to paint".
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“It was tied with a Windsor knot. Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad.”

JB disagrees with you.
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Windsor knots are awful. Even their namesake didn't tie them (he used half-windsors with a wide tie). A FIH that looks like a windsor is a poorly tied FIH.

FIH's done well are amazing. But FIH as they are often done in the wild are reminiscent of bag boys, movie theater employees, and office grunts.
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yeah, @SpooPoker... where's that video?

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I thought Spoo posted it here...
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in a different thread? I didn't see it here...

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