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History-Schmistory.....I think Harrison Ford looks very slick in that look.

Yes, because he's Harrison Ford, and it's a movie. He's playing a character that's supposed to be an iconoclast... who is supposed to stand out and be the center of attention in an era where everyone around him was dressed well. To put an outfit like that together would require very high end components and a perfect eye to not look like a shitty high school prom rental. A guy wearing a white DJ in this day and age is going to stand out no matter what, so you might as well just keep it conservative and play by the rules.

I mean, there are plenty of times a see a photo of someone and think, "that's looks great", but then think twice.... "it looks great on that person in that situation, who had a small army of professional stylists and makeup artists attending to him, but probably would not work as well on me at XXX's wedding reception (or whatever)."
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Have you seen tutee's AA/Esky write ups? This is the one about the white dinner jacket. Sadly, most of the pics are gone.
Lastly on the topic of eveningwear and color…the topic of colored vests is always present and debated. I must say that while ivory, blue & deep-red colored vests were seen they were never advised for the most formal occasions. As a matter of fact they were most always…recommended for at home wear…when hosting a party or formal dinner.

Again, these colored vests were best recommended for in-house use ONLY. Of course…at these occasions you also have the wonderful option of lounging in a true smoking jacket in velvet. In my opinion…a far better option of using color rather than a mere deep-red, Ivory silk vest with the traditional black-tie outfit. That…however we will discuss some other time. Since a picture is probably much more effective than my writings….here is one. (I am posting this with extreme reluctance though…)

From mid-late summer of 34.

Above is a SB peak lapel DJ with white pleated pique shirt, starched fold collar, pointed end dress bow-tie and finally a light yellowish-cream colored silk vest with 3-buttons and shawl (or rare peak) lapels.

The claim that there is no historical precedence for the vest with white dinner jacket is clearly wrong.
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Originally Posted by bigtimebuck4 View Post

Thank you for your responses. My client is getting the white dinner jacket for a summer wedding. He also wants a "fun" jacket to wear after the ceremony when he is dancing at the wedding. I think it is a cool idea, but what the f**k is he looking for? anyone have an idea that wouldn't look completely ridiculous? thanks...

There is a way to have a fun jacket and not look ridiculous. I think a velvet smoking jacket with a link front is the way to go. It is still technically correct black tie (though generally reserved for parties in someone's home). Unfortunately, they aren't easy to come by. A regular velvet jacket might work instead. Anything is better than what was on the previous page. Here are some sort-of correct options that I found:,default,pd.html?dwvar_MK00220_Color=BLCK&contentpos=53&cgid=0235

I'd get the center vent closed on the above jacket.,en_US,pd.html?start=21&cgid=Jackets

You can probably get away with the side vents in the above, or get them closed.

Not sure about this one specifically, but it should give you an idea.

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^ sh*t. Now I'm going to have to return mine.
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I would think metro would make something along these lines that is still tasteful

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Velvet during the summer for dancing is not a good idea IMHO.
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Who makes that dinner jacket?
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post


I am really disappointed that the dinner suit on the left isn't available in my size. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

Velvet during the summer for dancing is not a good idea IMHO.

I missed the summer part. I guess it partly depends on how good the AC is, but I suppose it may still not look seasonally appropriate. I was just trying to come up with something better than the monstrosities in the other post.
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Maybe something in dupioni? The cream is already kind of "alternative" though.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Who makes that dinner jacket?

If you're asking about the floral silk, it's Louis Vuitton F/W 2013.
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Thank you
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I must confess that I really like that jacket.
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The thing behind it is a disaster though...
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