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I think if for loafer we mean version of Albert slippers models rather then loosely similar type, then Albert slippers/shoes have been part of the black tie option for quite some time as I have seen examples by both Lobbs St James (vintage catalogues) and C&J. The round toe box, is pretty much a slightly elongated version of the classic Opera Pumps. the Ferragamo version is pretty much in line, but others version seems too fashion forward to be seen as classic good choices, however as Archibald said, within the vast majority of badly dressed people, few will take notice
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I only ever wear loafers with black tie be they Albert type or other plain black dress loafer. I will not wear patent leather in any style of shoe.
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I've been looking at various brands of Alberts online and I have to say that they all look so similar as to have been made by the same company.  Are there any real differences as to quality or style to justify going with a more expensive version, like C&J; or is it fine to go with something like Del Toro or at least a middle-of-the-road version like Brooks Brothers?  Unfortunately I'm not in a position to see any in person.

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If you are using the Albert predominantly with your DJ quality, meaning long term use, is not really a factor in fact there is an argument that a blake stitched shoe with a thin sole is more refined for evening wear. On the other hand Albert shoes do not have any adjustment so you need to try them on before buying them.
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Originally Posted by culverwood View Post

On the other hand Albert shoes do not have any adjustment so you need to try them on before buying them.


Or, at least, ensure that the return policy will allow you to send them back, if they do not fit.

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Originally Posted by ImTheGroom View Post

It's enough to totally reject the idea, imo. On the order of "Five is right out!"

I give you a thumbs up just for that Monty Python quote!

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Originally Posted by Gianni Cerutti View Post

I love this elegace

The mess jacket can be a very nice look, but it is best suited for a tall and slender physique. I am rather partial to the scarlett mess jackets worn by HM Armed Forces, in this case Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The image illustrates my point quite nicely.


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As a rule, I don't like patent leather bluchers with a tuxedo, but EG's black patent Holborn has forced me to reconsider.  Then again, their design is not a typical blucher.  It reminds me of the monkstrap formal shoe in the often-copied, 1939 Esquire magazine image, which shows formal options for summer or tropical parties.  I have to say, that EG blucher is just perfect for that type of party.  Somehow, it captures that "slightly less formal" quality that I think is necessary in the summer, particularly in the American South.


Am I crazy to wear that shoe?  Am I even crazier for trying to pull together a summer-formal kit?


Surely, EG of all places has a sense of what is appropriate for formal wear.  Is anyone else wearing that shoe? 

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That tuxedo is absolutely gorgeous.

The vest is incredible, and the lapels on the coat are unreal.
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For still more evidence of how the entire concept of "Black Tie" has changed for the worse over the years for those in show business......

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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post


I'd like a low cut vest like this

Wow ... that elegance ... everything is perfect and in its place ...Voxsart has perfect elegance!
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That dinner suit, and especially the vest, are stunning. The lapels are a bit wider than I would think ideal, but beautiful none the less.
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Hi guys,


Didn't feel like starting a new thread for such a low-impact question, so I thought this thread would be the best fit.


I'm currently undecided between the cufflinks and studs sets pictured below for my wedding ensemble. In fact, I am more undecided between material choice (Onyx or MOP) and metal color (Silver or Gold plated).


Care to help me choose or at least tell me if they're some unknown-to-me rules that could lead my decision?


Gold plated with MOP:


Gold plated with Onyx:


Silver with Onyx:


Silver with MOP:


For the record, tuxedo will be black with wide peak lapels, and shirt will be light ivory instead of pure, crisp white (fiancee's demand, not my idea, unfortunately but hey, gotta please the lady!).


Thanks guys and all the best!

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I think I'd like to sell my never worn 40reg Isaia tux (28.5" inseam on 33" waist trouser), functional sleeve buttons on 25" sleeves and 43" chest. Tux has added nice detail of double vents, grosgrain peaked lapels, immaculate and classic.

Ordered a dark navy blue sartorio tux from Barneys this week 😳😳. Just like blues better on me, I guess
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