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Jacket length question

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Hello. I've never really worn jackets and am hoping to start.  I know jacket length has been covered ad nauseam on here but I was hoping for some comments on the length of this jacket. Thanks!









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if you curl your hands under the jackets and run them along it should be the correct length 

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Hate the angle. Makes it hard to tell. is the back vent still sealed? That will make a difference. Gut reaction is an inch or so long. Probably long in the cuffs a bit to match.
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maybe an inch or two too long.

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Pics with your arms down your side please.
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yea its too long. the minimum length is just enough to cover your butt.
the max is an inch more than that.

i dont mean to be insulting but. those pants are so narrow that it creates the illusion that your feet are huge.
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+1 on the curl you fingers with arms extended--most reliable method. Also, be very wary of sleeve length as most guys just leave them alone and most all need to be shortened. Best to wear a proper fitting shirt (correct sleeve length) to measure but can be done without by a tailor using a ruler. Finally, since you look pretty slim (or just have the skinniest legs possible) don't neglect taking the jacket in at the waist.
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Agree with everything above. Especially comments by a tailor. Please don't wear those jeans with a SC. While you are clearly skinny you'd be far better served with a non-jegging option for your jeans. Either that or look for a sleeker shoe.
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hard to tell from the angle but i think the jacket is a bit long, and also needs taking in at the waist to fit your frame. jeans and shoes are fine, i think it's just the camera angle.
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The length would probably be fine, but not with those pants. Honestly it makes it look like you're wearing jeggings.

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hey guys, thanks for the input. yeah, angle is bad (difficult when noone else around to take photo). appreciate input on jacket (and jeans) though! i wear the jeans (apc new standards) with tshirts but yeah probably too skinny for a SC.

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