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I have a dream...

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In celebration of MLK day coming next week...

I have a vision of the perfect pair of jeans in my mind that I'd like to buy next. I want them to be selvedge, super well made, and I want them to fit fairly slim but not tight, I want them to outline my legs and still have enough room for the package, and I want them to have the best looking indigo color that when fading, brings tears of joy to my eyes. I'd like them to look as great with my chippewas as with sneakers. I want perfection.

What should I get?
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Uh, I don't really have much to add; mostly I just wanted to be the third poster on a thread after the guys with arguably the two greatest usernames on this board (I'll ignore the somewhat perverse MLK/high-end denim association). I guess if we're talking holy grails (which we are, right?), I'd vote for the one-wash Sorahiko 45 Slims; runner-up would probably be the RB15 Selvage. Edit: Goddammit, DNW! I was talking about lance and Kenny, and you had to go post while I was typing mine up.
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Yeah pretty much the holy grails.

I already own rb6, will the r&b15 fade kick-assly? 'Cuase my rb6 might start showing signs of wear in about 17, 18 years.

APC new standards look good to me. Also the diors I've seen Lowry wear, eternals right? Mighty kick ass. Those do seem to have the perfect cut, how would those be with boots?

I need to look up the Sorahiko 45 Slims...
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samurai S0500XX(which are the next project for "holy grail" eternal guy)
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You're not going to go wrong with Sams, for sure; I would vote for the Sorahiko's because my impression is they're a bit slimmer (someone posted shots over at SuFu not too long ago), plus the one-washes won't change shape a ton (I know it's sacrilege, but I hate fooling around with STF, especially when the price tag is pushing three bills). Still, it's a six/half-dozen kind of thing. P.S. I forgot to add that ever since Jigga blew them up, Sams are like so almost over. P.P.S. You're right about R&B; you might have some whiskering by the time your yet-to-be-born kids are learning to read.
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Samurai S5000VX hands down.
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Hey cheap your sams look damn awesome. Are they comfortable? Aren't they pretty nut-hugging?
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very comfortable. these are the "manly spirit" denims, and they have plenty of room for my manly spirit.
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5EP! everytime i look at the fade on my jeans, they get a little tighter around the crotch.
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Brian did your 5EPs start one wash or raw?
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5eps arent exactly slim though are they. Very nice denim though for sure
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Originally Posted by Empire
5eps arent exactly slim though are they. Very nice denim though for sure

5EPs are pretty fitted in the legs. If you size down, they'll be plenty slim.
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What's the difference between the S5000VX and S5000XX?
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