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For Sale: Hennessy Pure White

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For Sale:
Hennessy Pure White

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey, I'm selling Hennessy Pure White. Lovely taste and a bit of a rarity in the U.S. The price is 80 dollars but I'll do two bottles for $150. I do not accept paypal, wire transfer only. If you have any questions PM me.
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I bought a bottle of this on my last trip to Aruba. It was perfect for the beaches with a medium flavored Cuban. Would recommend.
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Hi again,

How much for 3 bottles shipped to USA - Massachusetts? And how do I go about sending the transfer? Thanks!

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Hello, I want to buy 3 bottles of white Hennessy, I live in Maryland. What do I need to do to get it?
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I would like to buy the two bottles.  Please email me back with what I need to do...

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is your bottles still available

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I'm no narc, but is this legal?
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I am looking to purchase 3-4 bottles ASAP let me know how to go about doing thin in the most timely fashion, thanks

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Originally Posted by Big Pun View Post

I'm no narc, but is this legal?
Of course not. France doesn't extradite their own, though icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

What's up with all the one-posters? Are they trying to scam you or set you up for an FBI sting?
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I would love to have a bottle! 

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I am assuming the botles are un open.  What are the next steps if i would like to purchase.

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Hi , Im interested to buy a hennessey pure white please kindly let me know the information.and i want it to be send to PA , USA.Thank you

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are you still saling these?

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hey my name is gen it"s not bad The sale of pure white i have it ...so...hit me back if you like Thank you 

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I have that Pure/white Hennessy hit me back ok thank you....text pm

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