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PSA: Carroll & Co. Liquidation Sale - Pasadena (Aldens & HF)

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I recently received a flyer in the mail about Carroll & Co. closing their Pasadena store. Unfortunate but predictable. Everything in the store is 40%+ off. Most is 50%-60% off. I was there this afternoon, but did not find much that would suit my purposes (with the exception of several Robert Talbott Carmel pocket squares for approx. $24 each). Aside from that, here are the two big highlights.

Hickey Freeman mainline suits marked down to $800. No tailoring offered, but at $800, still a good deal. Max size is 48, minimum size is at least a 38 (I did not see any 36's, but also did not look for any).

A small selection of Aldens marked down to $213-$238. A pair or two appeared to have some signs of wear and were possibly returns, but most were NIB. I ignored the Alden casual collection and took note of every other pair left in stock. From largest to smallest:

Tan Split Toe Bleucher - $238 (awesome)
Tan Monk Strap - $225 (awesome)
Dark Brown Suede PTB - $225

Dark Brown Suede PTB - $225

Black PTB - $238
Dark Brown Suede Loafer - $213
Black Patent Leather Formal Slip-on - $213

(x2) Black Patent Leather Formal Slip-on - $213

Tan Suede Loafer - $225

Black Half-Brogue Cap Toe with Medallion - $225
Black Wholecut Oxford - $225

Black Patent Leather Formal Slip-on - $213

Tan Loafer

Tan Suede Casual Tassel Loafer - $213 (almost boat-shoe like)

Black Split Toe Bleucher - $238

Black Loafer - $213

EDIT: I just realized that I should clarify something: Carroll is closing their Pasadena location only; their store in Beverly Hills is still operating.
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what else do they have? ...
shirts? pants? ties?
sports coats?


not much on their website... which probably hasn't been updated in a while
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Did they say then when the liquidation sale would last to? I'll be there December 6-9 and wanted to see if there was a chance I could catch this.
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They have everything: suits, sport jackets, wool trousers, sport shirts, dress shirts, belts, ties, socks. They even have some straw hats, irish caps, and few fedoras. But the two SF-approved highlights were the HF & Alden at 50% off, so that's what I reported.

They said the sale would last through Christmas, so you have time.
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Damn! It would be nice if the sale was online as well.
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It's heartbreaking to see such a great store close. There is no mention if it on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carroll-Co/151358622458?ref=ts
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I need to drop by and pickup some socks, pocket squares and ties and hopefully a sport coat or two. Sad to hear they're closing. This kind of store is a dying breed here in SoCal.
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stopped by carroll & co.
nothing terribly exciting and i was pressed for time
the wool sports coats are $250+ ... the cashmere stuff $699+ still
but there's chance of further price drops later on

i bought a light blue silk/linen SC with unstructured shoulders and working cuff buttons
marked down 80% to $80
hard to pass it up at that price... hopefully it works well for me
will try to post a picture later

most of the ties seemed to be $29 each .. $75 for 3
had a bunch of pants and shirts and coats but didn't really have time to check those out
will probably swing by there again in december and see if the prices drop anymore

photo taken at the tailor's after getting pinned
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anyone know if the pasadena store has closed now?

i guess i can call them tomorrow...
if they are still liquidating, i wouldn't mind swinging by one more time to see what's left
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