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I am looking for a couple of things

- cotton or possibly linen sportcoat. something deconstructed possibly that would look nice with a pair of jeans or casual trousers. Size 46.

- Tweed or windowpane sportcoat. Size 46.

- If anyone is looking to unload some cufflinks or ties ala what iammatt did, let me know, I would be willing to trade or make some kind of payment-- just started working again and wearing ties and the like to work each day, so have to build up a rotation.
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Originally Posted by ezboy1000
I am looking for 10 EEE in brown and/or burgundy.

have you tried this?
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I think this thread is a good idea. It's going to need to have very specific entries, though. Maybe we should make a "form" to put at the front of the thread that can be filled out dependent on the item, e.g.,

For jackets, specify:
Fabric required/requested:____
Weight of fabric:___
Construction required (fused OK, canvassed req'd, etc.)____
Details req'd or not acceptable____
Brand or style req'd___
Chest size measured within range of __ to __
Shoulder measures range of __ to __
Sleeve length at least ____
Coat length from __ to __ (or standard S, R, L lengths)
etc., etc...

otherwise we the hunters risk being stuck with stuff that's not quite right for a reason we didn't consider important.
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Also looking for a dress belt in 32-34.

1) Burgundy (Cordovan ok, but likely more expensive)

2) "Edwardian Antique" (Looking to match the Edwardian Antique color from EG, tried Aportnoy's suggestion of Saks special order EG - cost $125. When i went to Saks to ask, the shoe guys looked at me like I had two heads. EG quoted me 95GBP for a belt direct.). I'd like to keep the cost under $60. Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo
have you tried this?

I do check ebay frequently. However there are two problems with going that route. One, the hit I take paying the duty and brokerage fees getting the product over the border to Canada; two, the unpredictability of when/if the correct product shows up. For example, some of the items you've linked are in 10.5 and that is simply too big. I am a perfect 10 EEE.

I was thinking one of my SF brethren could get me my shoes, add the approriate finders fee, and ship it as "gift" to me so I could avoid the duty.

Failing this, I will probably be restricted to ebay or STP.
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Either this coat in 38 and a more affordable price, or something wool that looks like it (also at a more affordable price).

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I might just post this again as a "WTB" but here goes:

I'm looking for a used sportcoat\\suit in a 39R or 40R with a ticket pocket. I'd be willing to spend up to $100 but I would like to do it for less.

Thanks a lot!
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I want to buy a pair of BNWT Earnest Sewn Fulton jeans in the Patriot #53 wash in a size 32. I want to pay $100 or less shipped since they were on such a deep sale recently.
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I'm looking for a 34/36S sport coat in a discrete pattern tweed (that is not grey or black on white) or a plain shetland or cashmere in camel, fawn or navy color.

Construction required: canvassed
Chest size measured within range of 37" to 39"
Shoulder measures range of 16" to 18"
Buttons: 2 or 3
Sleeve length (from shoulder seam) at least 23"
Coat length (collar seam) from 27" to 28.5" (or standard S, R, L lengths)

I also am looking for double vent or no vent.

Country details like throat latches and ticket pockets are fine, but not elbow patches.

This item could either be new or used, price would depend on condition and quality. It would be best to pm me for details
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I am looking for a pair of black Santoni Bristol shoes in size 8UK/9US, which are still in good condition. Please send me a PM if you can help me with this. If you have some other pair of black Santoni shoes in size 8UK/9US, let me know as well. I might be interested! Thanks, Mike
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I'm looking for a pair of brown Mezlans...... Don't worry, I've learned my lesson.

Actually, I'm looking for a quality pair of burgundy wingtips and/or a pair of burgundy cap toes in size 13D. I have no problem with gently worn and I'd like to spend $75 or less.

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Not a single suede belt in the joint.

Originally Posted by EL72
That would be great, thanks. Dress belt though i.e. no wider than 1.25" and no funky stitching...
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Originally Posted by EL72
OK I'll play.

I need a dark brown suede dress belt (size 32-34) to match the Tramezza Gherardo and the only nice one I found was a $180 Canali, which is too much $. I am ready to pay $50 for a nice one, preferably new and unused. I also prefer silver hardware too.

APC has a dark brown suede belt with silver buckle on sale for $56. The 90cm size would prob be right (I'm 30W and fit the 85).
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I haven't read all posts in this thread but I wanted to tell you:

As some of you maybe have notices, I started selling some nice NWT items in the forum.

I am blessed to live in a city where there are a chain of Italian Outlet stores..
I allways shop there trying to find good items at a good price.

Being a 38R, 15.5" shirts, it is not an easy task...

See, in Europe most guys are 38R and wear 15.5 shirts...

When I go to the shops I see plenty of Zileri, Corneliani, Isaia items discounted in big sizes bit not too much in my size...

I started as an experiment to buy some items and put them for sale here, and it has been a good experience, I do a little profit that I can then reinvest buying other items and sell them here...

The problem is...

I am not a merchant or a seller... I am just a regular guy who happens to love clothes... and I am not interested in having a stock of items that doesn't sell or that take long to sell...

Well maybe I just have to blame the warm winter about the overcoats I bougth for the forum... all the other items have been happily sold ... I just lost a little money on shipping charges because it turned out to be more than I specified and adding to that the ties I sent as a gift etc... But at the end it has been a good experience I am happy with that and the guy that bought the items seem to be also.

Maybe the best thing would be to see if someone needs something specific and then go and try to get it for him

the other problem is that these shops that sell discounted items doesn't accept returns here, so if I do it in that way I'd have to do it with a pre-payment as if the buyer then changes his mind and doesn't pay I'll get stuck with another Item in my "stock"...

Now is the sales period here so I can get nice white label Zileri suits for around $300 shipped and Zileri sartoriales/Isaias for around $500

what do you think ?
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Originally Posted by bathtime
APC has a dark brown suede belt with silver buckle on sale for $56. The 90cm size would prob be right (I'm 30W and fit the 85).

Thanks for that. The buckle style and the width (1.4") make it too casual for my needs though. It would be fine with jeans, cords... but I need a belt for suits/dress pants.
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