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DCG that second picture is brilliant!

Thanks! I feel the white balance is a bit off, but I'm still very much a novice with regard to post processing. Lightroom seems miles easier than Photoshop, though.
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dcg, I too think that second one is great. As for you water effects, are they as silky as you had planned? It may be because you very often see long(er) exposure shots with moving water, but I think I might either prefer them with frozen-in-movement water or much more silky (like in Szeph el raton's post above) - I guess that would mean cranking the ND filters...

I've never really tried the silky water shot before, so to ask what I was planning is maybe giving me too much credit smile.gif. I'm pretty happy with how things turned out, but would have preferred a bit more silkiness. Options were limited as I did not have a ND filter, and was using a gorillapod 800 ( It's worked great with Micro 4/3 primes (and even somewhat with the Panasonic 7-14mm) on my E-M5, but is not up to the task of balancing the 12-40/2.8 lens. As a result, I had to supplement either by handholding, or using the lens cap effectively as a 4th tripod leg.