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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

DCG that second picture is brilliant!

Thanks! I feel the white balance is a bit off, but I'm still very much a novice with regard to post processing. Lightroom seems miles easier than Photoshop, though.
Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post

dcg, I too think that second one is great. As for you water effects, are they as silky as you had planned? It may be because you very often see long(er) exposure shots with moving water, but I think I might either prefer them with frozen-in-movement water or much more silky (like in Szeph el raton's post above) - I guess that would mean cranking the ND filters...

I've never really tried the silky water shot before, so to ask what I was planning is maybe giving me too much credit smile.gif. I'm pretty happy with how things turned out, but would have preferred a bit more silkiness. Options were limited as I did not have a ND filter, and was using a gorillapod 800 ( It's worked great with Micro 4/3 primes (and even somewhat with the Panasonic 7-14mm) on my E-M5, but is not up to the task of balancing the 12-40/2.8 lens. As a result, I had to supplement either by handholding, or using the lens cap effectively as a 4th tripod leg.
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A few pano shots...

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It's coming. You've run out in front of the storm and you're in position. Radar shows strong rotation and there's hail reports galore. As it approaches you can see what looks like a well formed wall cloud buried in the storm. Closer and closer it comes. The wall cloud begins to show itself and it looks like there's something in there. Barely visible but it's there. A funnel, tornado, scud? The hair stands up on your neck as you realize whatever it is it's coming right at you. You're ready though. The car is running and your out is just a turn away.

Just another day out chasing. From earlier this year during the Spring.

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some night shots

an aquarium shot

and some food haha

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I'm a photographer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and this was a shot I took just at a local boardwalk before a shoot for my friends.

I read a few pages back and the user who went to China, wow, nice shots! Also getting some ND filters today

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Dat sangwich!
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Can't wait to go back at photograph this building as the sun sets.

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A sunset? Oh we had a good one last night.

"Crown of Light"

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Hey everyone !


It's my first time posting in the thread so here goes:






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From last weekend up north at Bella Lake between Huntsville and Algonquin Park, daytime high 24c (mid 70s F) and sunny all weekend.

Used a 46 year old Rolleicord Vb Twin Lens Reflex camera with Kodak Ektar 100 colour film. Medium format rocks.

Sunday Morning on Bella Lake by Bill Smith1, on Flickr

Calm Morning. by Bill Smith1, on Flickr

Reflected Shore by Bill Smith1, on Flickr
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Ektar is one of my favorite color films.

Messing around again with digital IR.

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Just too much fun messing around with a 720nm cutoff filter..

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Finally got some film for an old Nikkormat FT that I bought for around $20.

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I decided to finish off the roll in this camera today. I know what pics I took today but have no idea what's on the rest of the roll. This could be an interesting adventure. LOL!

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Sunrise this morning...

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