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This should be fun. A Pentax Auto 110 that's practically brand new.

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That does look fun. I have been playing around with a Lumix GX1 with an old Nikon 50mm f2.0 I picked up for 10 bucks.

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Pano of a nasty thunderstorm moving in.

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From Central Park, Japan Day

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Downtown LA right before landing at LAX on Saturday. I used an iPhone 4, and I wish I could have used the Ricoh GR instead, but there wasn't time to dig it out of my bag before the scene had passed by.

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No meteors (Camelopardalids meteor shower) but I got this. It's called an Iridium flash. If a satellite is positioned just right they reflect the sunlight back to the ground like a mirror as they pass by. This one was bright, really bright. Now the proper term for this is "satellite flare or glint" and is most often associated with the Iridium Telecom satellites. Hence the more common name of Iridium flash. The image is a 30 second, three frame composite shot at 2:25am CDT May 24, 2014.

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Here are some shots while fishing in Montana a couple summers ago.

Then I wanted to see what the lodge shot looked like in B&W, here's what I came up with:

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A few storm shots from yesterday. Two black and whites shot with a 21A filter for contrast. One color.

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An absolutely insane lightning bolt from an advancing 50,000 foot tall supercell storm.

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Hi guys!

A random collection of stuff the past month or so

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It seems Missouri is this years weird weather capital. From last week.

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Man we could use some of that over here in California...drought for days going on.

Here's a recent capture:

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Damn guys, most of these are insanely good.

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Originally Posted by IrateCustomer View Post

Man we could use some of that over here in California...drought for days going on.

It seems like it will never stop raining here. Every single day for weeks it rains in the afternoon. I didn't know we had a Monsoon season.

A lightning shot from a couple of days ago.

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A rainbow pano.

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