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Very nice composition, Nikos.
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Thank you Sir. I think I should have focused on the girl though.

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Yes, probably. But still looks great.
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Had to get rid of the sony now my editor contract is up I needed some cash so I got 400 bucks plus a nikon v1 out of it. I just got it today, it seems like it'll be a great street shooter it's really fast . Ill post some samples up sometime soon.
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They're coming!!! It's an alien invasion! Run! LOL!

Independence Day by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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you still got that d700 trini? Nice feel to that photo.

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I'd make the crop completely square, IC. Or less 'almost-square', IYKWIM.

And the picture itself maybe just a couple degrees more angled, or completely straight.
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Agreed on the straightening, I didn't and almost still don't notice it. I cropped but didn't want to crop in length because it would create too much tension to the subject. Also I don't recognize that acronym haha
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: ) If You Know What I Mean...
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Oh haha nice, it seems to be getting quite long these days wink.gif so which way is it rotated right or left? I still can't tell I was thinking if at all it was to the right, or are you talking about angled up an down? Thanks for the input by the way. I'm trying to get I to the skateboarding niche since I'm always out skating
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Hm. It's hard to see actually, but I think it should be rotated to the left a bit:


Maybe I'm wrong; depends on what you use as a reference. I thought it was more obvious, before I brought out the guidelines : ).

(Also took the liberty of making a square crop...)
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Square crop doesn't look bad actually.
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I agree with the crop, it makes for a more intense image (I just noticed you own comment saying the opposite thing, however I believe it looks better this way - less visual "noise").

I also think that it needs some kind of lens correction software, because it appears to have distortion towards all edges, which is simply more pronounced in the pole that is closer.

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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

you still got that d700 trini? Nice feel to that photo.

Thanks! I still have the D700 but haven't used it in ages. The X100 is my go-to camera now. Funnily enough, this photo was taken with my old S90 in some early evening lowlight.

I guess it's really true what they say...the best camera is the one you have on you.
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