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Was to vacation again but didn't shoot a lot and then also mostly on film.
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Same place!


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Yeah, what Wordpress plugin you used to get the visual effects on the site. Or the storefront. Etc. Do goDaddy use cPanel?

CPanel is available in Godaddy. I admin sites with whatever it is they use as default. It looks cPanelish but I don't care what it is as long as it works.

The specific commerce plugin is Market Press. The general look of the site is controlled by a theme. In my case it's called Anan with some custom code cut into it. Beats the hell out of coding it all from scratch and themes are cheap or free.Other elements like the weather and so on are side bar widgets/plugins. I have something like 40 plugins on my site. Some you see some you don't. Out of the three CMS systems, wordpress, drupal and joomla, wordpress is by far the easiest to deal with. I "inherited" an online newspaper and it's drupal driven and we're thinking about bringing it back to life but first it needs to be converted to wordpress. Drupal is tolerable. Then there's joomla and well it just sucks. I'm currently building a new site for a client right now because the current site is using joomla as the CMS.
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Not much of photo editor, I just shoot for fun when I have time from school. Maybe someone could point a thing or two here. smile.gif
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One more haha.
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In honor of my being in Tokyo, some pix of the Imperial palace. Sadly, it's tough to get close enough for a clear shot from a good angle, so I did my best.
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A77 or A99, A77 or A99? It took a while but I decided to go with an A77 with a 17-50mm f2.8 full frame lens. Now I have to wait for it to be delivered. This is going to be a long week.
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I'm this ghetto:

Petty hard to get everything in focus do with an 7 year old compact camera that only allows adjustment of white balance and iso.
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Ghetto works Laurens. I do it all the time. Much cheaper that way too.
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(taken during a blackout)

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Man is this A77 something else. I should make it a point to upgrade equipment more than once in 6 or 7 years. LOL! At 12 pics a second I don't think action shots are going to be a problem anymore. It took about 3 minutes to get used to the OLED viewfinder. It's different than an optical finder but they both do the same thing and that's all I care about. It's definitely rough in low light but you just ignore it, compose and shoot and it's all good. Get into low light and the viewfinder is really contrasty and nasty. On the plus side what you see in the viewfinder is what the image will look like. All your adjustments, tweaks, creatives show up live. That I like. You can tweak things before you take the shot instead of doing the whole test shot thing. At least that's how it works when you have decent or halfway decent light. Is it better than a mirror system? In some ways yes in others hell no. Like a lot of things, I just take the pros and cons in stride and don't get too worked up over it. I like the twist it any which way LCD panel as well. You can actually see it during the day and it makes low angle or weird angle shots a breeze. No more laying in the mud or guessing at the oddball angles/positions. Haven't fully messed with the low light pic capabilities but so far things look pretty good. I'll have to walk around town after the sun sets and take some street pics. Oh and it's sealed so no more worries about rain or dusty environments. That BTW was my number one thing on my list (other than it had to be compatible with my lenses of course) that a new camera had to have. Low light and high continuous shooting were 2 and 3. So far so good. More later after I mess with this thing for a while....
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Well I can attest that the A77 is weather resistant. I went out in the pouring rain for a few hours just messing around. One of the first shots with the new camera.

Alive! by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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