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I think people will still use DSLRs when they need the specialized lenses that only Canon and Nikon have. For example, tilt-shift lenses for architectural photographers, or high-speed telephotos for sports and wildlife shooters. Action shooters for the most part still use DSLRs for better AF performance, but this advantage is not going to last. For ultimate resolution, the Nikon D800 is very nice, but you can always go to medium format for even more resolution. For everything else, a mirrorless camera will do as well or better than a DSLR, and is a lot smaller and cheaper.

For lenses, small-sensor cameras can have the same quality lenses for a lower price, or better glass at the same price because the glass elements don't have to be as big. The difficulty of making good glass is proportional to the cube of their diameter, so a bigger sensor demands disproportionally more lens.

Point-and-shoots can have amazing quality when the manufacturer has the discipline to not be all things to all people: the Sony RX1 can go against any DSLR for certain kinds of shooting because it marries a fixed lens to a great sensor. Contrast this to the RX100 has an amazing sensor, but is hobbled a bit by its lens which tries to give it more versatility. The Fuji X100S is similar to the RX1 in terms of quality and specialization at a lower price. The Sigma DP Merrill series has amazing resolution and great lenses, especially for its price, but has a fixed focal length and works best in good light.
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I took these with my NEX-6! I'm still a total noob but I love getting photos like this!

I want to get another lens, I'm thinking about the 50mm 1.8 E-Mount lens Sony has but it's $300!
It seems like getting another lens from Canon and getting an adapter would be more cost effective but I'd lose some functionality with this combo.

il ciclista, how does that affect using the camera? What does losing those really functions mean when capturing photos? shog[1].gif
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PM, they're about to come out with a new version so these are dirt cheap right now , two lenses for 200 bucks! The 30mm is really sharp too.

Adapting lenses just means you can't autofocus but in aperture mode I still picks out a shutter speed and all just as it would with a Sony lens. It does make the process slower when you have to manual focus though , but usually like my 50mm 1.4 ill bet is sharper than the Sony version
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some of my photos







canaan valley, WV












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^ The Rwanda shot looks great, could be nice to see it a bit larger.
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What are some of everyone's favorite lenses and what do you use them for?
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I have that Sigma pair for my NEX-5N, and they're great. The 30mm is great for social shooting, like at a party. I would post examples, except my friends would not be happy with their faces here.

The 50/1.8 is on my list, too, and I am very curious about the new Zeiss lenses that are about to be released for E-mount. You may want to check out Kirk Tuck's blog as he is a big proponent of the NEX and SLT systems. Here is a post about the 50/1.8:
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Some shots from yesterday, credit to my Mrs on the flower shots. Same Sony rx100:

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Originally Posted by poorman View Post

What are some of everyone's favorite lenses and what do you use them for?

85mm f1.4 Zeiss A mount for portraits. For the film camera I would say either my 58mm f1.2 MC Rokkor or my 35mm f2.8 shift CA MC Rokkor. The 58 is an excellent all around prime and the 35 is excellent for landscapes. It's a shift lens with the capability of curving what's in focus.
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In Bath
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Originally Posted by poorman View Post

What are some of everyone's favorite lenses and what do you use them for?

For travel photo, I have a Pentax 18-135 for my K-30. The range is huge for getting good landscape/wide-angle with the ability to grab a fairly tight zoom on fauna, architectural elements, etc. Plus, the K-mount is weather sealed, which is a nice feature for travel.
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Sunny day in Cph. Nothing special, just a couple of snapshots w/ a fixed 35mm lens.


Or B&W? (Click to show)

Cropped from this (Click to show)

Shooting into the sun


Not a B&W conversion, just upped contrast


Cropped from this (Click to show)



Cropped from this (Click to show)
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I'm no guru, nothing fancy. Just snapped these on campus over the Easter weekend. shog[1].gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I think he is taking a shit in this one shog[1].gif
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Someone around town was housecleaning and now I have a box full of all kinds of odds and ends and cameras. LOL! No Leica M3 or anything like that but two of the cameras are an Argus C3 Matchmatic "the brick" and a Balda Matic III and they work! I won't do much with the brick, it'll be a shelf queen. The Balda is a neat little rangefinder so I'm going to send it out for CLA and mess with it. Oh and in the box was one of those early Polaroid monster cameras. Too funny.
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