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The first rule of composition is there are no rules. Now I say that with a grain of salt. The main problem I see with your pic is the lights. The eye is drawn away from the dancer to the upper right area of the pic. The reason is simple. The eye is drawn to the brightest area of a black and white photo first. I would have moved so there was no lights in the background. All of your attention would then be on the dancer. Basically a classic off angle full length shot. You could have also turned off the two lights closest to her head and the two along the wall as well. Yes those two lights would be the first place your eye would settle but the lights are flaring and that flare is throwing a diagonal that leads right to the dancer's face. The eye will follow that right to your main subject. There's also a sense of interaction because it looks like she's looking out towards the lights. This is a very good thing. Once the eye is drawn to her then it would follow along the highlights and more or less be captured. in the image and not easily lead out.

Thanks very much for your thoughts. I have a personal weakness for flaring lights, but they are not placed in the best place, and are distracting. It's sometimes hard for me to judge composition on a monitor, and I find it helpful to shrink the picture down so a small size (maybe less than 1/4 of the screen area) to kind of get its gestalt.
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Tried my hand at some normal lens, natural light skate photos on film

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AY, I'm a fan of flaring light sources and lens flare but oh how unpredictable both can be. There's an old trick that a lot of people laugh at but it works when you're trying to compose an image. Make a box with your fingers, close on eye and walk around your subject looking through that box. Drawing it in or extending it out acts very much like what you would see in a viewfinder when zooming in or out. Don't forget to move up and down as well (Z axis) when you move around. Using one eye removes the three dimensional aspect of stereoscopic vision and forces you to see things a lot closer to what your camera sees. It's fast and it works. After a while your mind will learn to "see" like this and then things become a lot simpler.

Isn't it a blast trying to get action shots with a film camera Shore? It's so easy to forget how hard it really is to do one click at a time.

Oh and would you get upset if I did a little post on your statue pic Shore?
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lol how much are you going to destroy it?

Go ahead
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Oh no, won't destroy. Just get rid of some of the mud and tweak WB just a bit. Here's the result.

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Your edited image and shoreman's original both convey different feelings, I think. Both are good but I quite like the original
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I wasn't looking at the mood.

What I was seeing is a very common issue with digital cameras and snow. The camera meters at 18% grey scale so anything with a lot of white in it tends to make the image look muddy and greyish while also underexposing it. The opposite tends to happen when a lot of black is in the image. To solve either issue you use EV shifting along with the right WB setting.
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Isomalt sugar web

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That's really cool^^ we did something like that when I was in culinary school.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Is good.
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Crane's your results are certainly technically better--brighter, clearer, maybe even more true. My original I think I took the exposure down a little bit in Lightroom. That was a pretty miserable town in Quebec (no offense to any Quebecois!)
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That tree shot has a real nice tone to it.

Just messing around with some food this morning

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oh I forgot, I shot this one with a Canon FD 50 1.4 I love this lens so much, it's a pity it comes out to 75mm though.

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Crane, I thought about you yesterday when discussing an upcoming photo shoot with another older photographer and he asked me what I would be shooting it with nikon or canon and I said sony. Then there was a pause and puzzled look and he said huh, sony... Haha he had a d800 around his neck .
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