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I was reading that the d600 is more camera for the money , I love the front and rear wheel of the nikon so I'd pick that myself.
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Some from over the past week or so

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I like the Nikon controls myself but that's in part just because that's what I learned on. Not an urgent thing anyway I'm not pro and no rush to spend 2k on a new kit

The wifi in new cameras is also appealing
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The way Canon has that 2nd wheel on the back you have to move it with your thumb but it's by the rear screen with the "ok" button in the middle really drives me nuts, and also the way you can't see your adjustments of exposure in the viewfinder when in manual mode unless you stop turning the wheel or dial. Nikon you can adjust aperture/shutter speed and see the effects on the exposure through the viewfinder (the little bars with the 0 in the middle that says it's "perfect" exposure) I guess if you've never experienced it then it wouldn't be an issue but once you have used a camera capable of doing little things like this then you don't want to give it up.

Also they have wifi cards. I have wifi and never use it honestly.
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Here's the Promaster lens on my SRT 102 IC. It's an impressive hunk of glass.

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I read pornmaster. rolleyes.gif

It's definitely not a small lens, can't wait to see some results.
Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

The lens is sharp as a tack on those things

My mom originally bought it to take shots when she was skiing, since it was so pocktable and easy to use with gloves, I just saw some photos with it it indeed is pretty darn sharp.

The thing I didn't expect is how silent the shutter is. There is literally no sound.
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There's nothing like drinking sweet tea from mason jars.

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Trying to shoot this roll so I can see how bad/good this a-1 is. I got it for 10 bucks

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So I see that quite some of you have moved to CSCs. My Fuji X100 makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time. Image quality is top notch, auto focus performance makes me grind my teeth.
The problem is that all of these cameras are nice and great but I'm often shooting in conditions such as ISO 6400, f/2, 2/60 sec. Unfortunately that's dark enough to make the X100 slow to focus (which is no real problem) and in addition not nailing focus (which IS a problem).

I've looked at the NEX 6, OM-D and X-E1 (or possibly wait for the X100s?). I'd want to shoot it with a 35 or 50mm equivalent prime lens, f/2 or possibly faster. I don't need a huge amount of different lenses because if I'd seriously pack for going shooting, I'd bring the 5D III with the L stuff. Obviously I'm therefore not expecting the crazy tracking auto focus performance of a DSLR plus neither the shallow depth of field achieved with the full frame sensor (I just need wide apertures for fast shutter times).

The Pro and Con now are:

+ Good viewfinder
+ Good form factor
- Glass selection sucky (only the Sony/Zeiss 24 1.8 ?)
- Auto focus not so great?

+ Great viewfinder (fast refresh rate)
+ Fastest auto focus out of the three?
+ Good glass selection (20 1.7, 17 1.8, 25 1.4, perhaps later 45 1.8 or 75 1.8)
+ Great stabilizer
+ Flip out screen with touch control
- Weakest image quality at High ISO?

+ Great form factor
+ Good lenses (18 2, 35 1.4)
+ Nice control layout
+ Best High ISO image quality?
o Weakest viewfinder but still ok
- Slow / inaccurate auto focus?

So I'm a bit lost. All stores here have the cameras there but with no batteries in them so you can't really try them out, plus it's not as dark as where I'd use the camera. I know that you can make every camera "work" but I don't want to have 60% muda because of misfocused shots. I know that I could adapt manual focus lenses like a Voigtländer 35 1.4 to the Nex or Fuji but I think that the view finder isn't up there for fast manual focus in low light in comparison to a real range finder.
The heart tells me X-E1, the head OM-D. I'd like to hear some feedback from you guys. Did anyone compare the auto focus in low light between the X-E1 and the X100?
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Szeph, just pick the one that fits you the best and just go with it. You'll never find the perfect camera for all occasions. It's just not possible. Just list what the most important features/functions that you want in order and get the camera that bests suits you. If number one is glass then that should eliminate a choice or two. It appears you want low light performance so what's left? Focusing in low light is always going to be a problem. Basically you you're going to have to just accept that and work with the camera to make it work.
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10 bucks for an old Canon IC? Even if you have to send it off for a CLA job it's still a steal.
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Szeph, autofocus on the nex 6 doesn't suck just not as fast as omd but faster than most others in its league. Track focusing is decent too.
I'd say I like the nex viewfinder the most of the three as its from the nex 7. Don't forget about sigma lenses too. The kit lens is pretty nice too.

Omd wasn't bad at high ISO it was just the buttons and layout wasn't working for me. I did love the touch screen but at times it was annoying as it fired off while carrying it. I loved the lenses and prices on them though .

Xe-1 focusing wasn't that bad at all but the system was heavy to me . I didn't shoot much with it.
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Yeah it came with a 100-300 lens too so I'm happy smile.gif even though the lens is terrible lol
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