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^^IC, what is it in the first picture?
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A sparkler set at long exposure smile.gif
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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

A sparkler set at long exposure smile.gif

Wow, looks good.
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Like 1 & 3 in that last post.
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Thx, Kaplan. I think I like the last best.
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And so the adventure begins. I'm going to pick up one of those Sony RX 100s and give it a whirl. I'm having a hard time believing so much good could come in such a small package. I'm sorta sitting on the fence in regards to replacing my old trusty DSLR. I've got over 40,000 clicks on the shutter and the sensor is starting to get to many hot pixels for my liking. I expect it will get replaced with an A77 or 99 early Summer.
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I hate colour accent, I had to try it once do:

This dock is crooked, not me:

Both from the trusty iPhone 4S.
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Second one: yes!
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I agree on both counts, NOBD the last one is nice the DoF is so creamy

Laurens, the 2nd one is ace, that'd look good framed.

Crane the great thing about it is how it fits in the pocket too. It's the best in its class for sure

herer are some from my weekend of animal farms and caves

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I have been known to do some pretty stupid things in my time to get the shot but this has to be one of my better dumb moments. Having your face less than a foot away from about 20,000 swarming bees is "interesting'.

DSC03395 by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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^real cool

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@Ciclista, love the contrast in that cave picture, other is cameraception smile.gif

With the twelve year old Canon IXUS V:

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