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Not sure what grey market is but the site has a good rating and responded to all my questions with a quickness. I got mine there and it came with all the warranty stuff. The only thing that was weird is that the power cable to charge it is not the US standard one, but they did give me a converter lol. It might be because I ordered before they even came out in the US. I just couldn't pass up the $300 savings, I didn't care for the zoom lens anyway
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Gray market is when you buy it but its from another country like Europe or Asia and fuji won't honor your warranty in the US. I was looking at the black model, the zoom is nice for a kit zoom but its big and kind of defeats the purpose of a compact camera . How do you like the speed of it? I hear its suppose to be alright now that they've update firmware . I can't wait to get one I'm super jealous right now lol
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Hmm might be grey market then heh
I've read the complaints about the AF and I dont really see the problem. Of course I had the x10 before and the AF speeds seem to be about the same so I dont have anything to base them off. It will hunt in very low-light but I haven't missed a shot because of it or anything, I dont shoot moving objects a lot though. But, when it says it is in focus it is in focus, so at least it is accurate. You might want to test one out in a store just to see.
Manual Focus is really enjoyable to me. I have it set up so when I press the af-l / ae-l button, it just auto focuses while in Manual focus mode, so I basically have the option to do both.

I'm really impressed by the EVF, I was shocked when I first looked in to it. Everything is so crisp, I cant see any pixels at all, it looks just like an OVF but with the information displayed etc.. Shows exactly what the picture is going to look like too so that is a plus

Heres a shot from this morning that I like, wish the puddle was a little bigger
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this video represents lowlight AF pretty well, starting at :30 with the latest lens firmware
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Oh and I just registered for my warranty online and I got a confirmation saying have 12 months of valid warranty since the date of purchase. So I think it's all good
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Sweet, thanks ill check out that site then smile.gif that's not bad in the door because contrast detection seems to have a problem focusing on things of the same color. I know my omd would have a time with it and sometimes not at all, so this is very promising!
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Merry Christmas to me!!



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380? I like the grip
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my favorites photos from this year:

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Originally Posted by shootspeed View Post

my favorites photos from this year:

This pic is hilarious
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Some recent stuff

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Those are nice, I like the first one

some I took last night
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