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Yeah it didn't turn out quite as vibrant as I'd expected from other velvia 50 shots I've seen online, but that could be a function of the photographer, the camera, or the scanning. smile.gif
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How does it look on a light table? From what I understand it can be a really picky film. A little bit of over or underexposure can really change how things look. From what I've seen it really works good in late afternoon sun for landscapes. I picked up a roll to shoot the Fall colors around here but ended up using Ektar instead.
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Ha the only way I have to look at the slides themselves is holding them up in light. Hard to discern too much or differentiate from the scans. I did up some of the saturation in the scans, but only a hair here and there.
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Huh? I would expect things to be a whole lot more saturated and vibrant after tweaking than what you ended up with. From what I've read if it's just a little bit overexposed it tones the reds and saturation down a lot. I'm talking about a third or half stop, nothing major by any means. Ektar misbehaves in a very similar fashion so I really concentrate on the meter matching with the SRT102. With the XK it's not an issue thanks to the aperture priority mode and infinitely variable shutter. I guess I'll try it in the XK and see how it goes. I'm not sure I'll mess with it much since I already use a picky color film that saturates well and is very fine grained.

I guess it's also been discontinued though details seem to be really sketchy. For now Ektar is still being made in a few formats so that's where most of my film money is going.
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Nice, IC. Yours?

Nice snail pic, TOG. I don't care for the tricks.
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TOG I dig both of those shots, is this scanned on a flatbed on top of other photos, what is that underneath it? (looks like a stack of photos)
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I just put the stack of photos on a white piece of paper and set up a rig with my tripod to take pictures of them (outside in nice light) shog[1].gif
this is before I edited the background. I was numbering the stacks so I could know what roll they came from when I put them on the computer
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Hm, I thought it was a software trick. I like it better now. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Hm, I thought it was a software trick. I like it better now. smile.gif
ohhh I was wondering what "trick" you were talking about haah
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If anyone else is looking for a poor mans artisan&artist strap, I think I found it

they allow you to specify a length too
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