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Foo, I'm not going to buy one. For that kind of money I would be into an A99 or I could get an A900 and an A77. What I'm trying to do is get Sony to sponsor me for one of my pet projects. I basically want them to let me use the camera for a year. If I were to do this project with a film camera I would be using the XK with my 35mm f2.8 shift lens. The RX1 is the digital equivalent.
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Ah, interesting.

Still, if the RX1 had a viewfinder and didn't have a fixed lens, it would be a real market leader. Such a camera from Sony is only a matter of time. Exciting stuff.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post

Ah, interesting.
Still, if the RX1 had a viewfinder and didn't have a fixed lens, it would be a real market leader. Such a camera from Sony is only a matter of time. Exciting stuff.

They make an optical and an electronic viewfinder attachment for the RX1. The hot shoe is a whole lot more than just a hot shoe. I personally like the full manual mode of operation. f stop, focus and macro switching using rings on the lens. Who'd of thought of such a thing? Sony is showing a bit of their Minolta lineage here.
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There's no reason they can't integrate an OLED viewfinder, like they do in their NEX line. As innovative as the RX1 is, Sony is clearly holding back for the main show.
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Yeah, I'm sure these additions are just a glimpse of what they got planned.
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Well, at least it's obvious that they planned to rip the customers off with the accessories.

"At $599 for the optical viewfinder, $179 for the lens hood and $249 for the thumb grip the mark-up on these items appears to be rather excessive but it remains to be seen whether future RX1 users will prefer the original parts, or steer toward the cheaper far-eastern knock-offs that will no doubt appear on certain online marketplaces. The electronic viewfinder will cost $449.99 - $100 more than the equivalent unit for the NEX series of cameras."

So if you add 1 viewfinder, the lens hood (which is mandatory) and the thumb grip, you're up by at least 880 $ at retail. That's a bit ridiculous in my opinion, I only know that kind of pricing from Leica.

You could ditch the thumb grip but I couldn't imagine getting a camera in that price class and not getting a viewfinder for it, the same for the lens hood (which should have been included in a base price of 2800 $).
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Bottom line: with the RX1, Sony is the only manufacturer other than Leica to offer a mirrorless full-frame option. It's essentially a live prototype and realistic buyers know they're paying a huge premium to step out ahead of the field. Hard to characterize such gadget hounds as being ripped off.
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So I found myself going through the house like a crackhead looking for my cybershot that had a 2.8 (wide) lens so I could shoot something besides my iPhone hahah no luck. :/
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Dude, how did you end up with no digital camera? What were you thinkin'?
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I have to agree with Cranes. Couldn't you have sold a kidney or something instead!? happy.gif
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Hahaha I'm a college student with a family an all my photo gigs were up until mid jan. so I didn't have much choice but I thought I had my cyber shot which is decent under 400 ISO now I guess I've lost it blah !
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First roll of slide film (velvia 50)

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There is something so special about film photography...I like those shots shoreman.
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I love that last shot!
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Nice Shore, I have a roll of that stuff in the fridge. Now I know what to expect from it.
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