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Yes, we need an honest, reliable X-E1 opinion. I'm on the fence between keeping the X100 or selling it to fund an X-E1 or OM-D.
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I just made a mistake and looked at some new cameras. Now I want. LOL!

A Storm is Born by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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Yep, now that I don't have any digital I feel like I'm missing an appendage. I have to wait for the tax return to hit >.<<br />
What were you looking at Crane?
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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

Yep, now that I don't have any digital I feel like I'm missing an appendage. I have to wait for the tax return to hit >.<<br /> What were you looking at Crane?

Sony RX1, RX100, A77 and A99.

High Plains Drifter by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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can someone recommend me a black shoulder strap. Very simple design and like 1-2cm width. I may get the Artisan&artist one but I dont really want to spend more than ~$50
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I have the red silk one from Artisan&Artists, it was a nightmare to find it (finally got one on a trip to Singapore) and it's crazy expensive. Status symbol I guess, but one that no one else notices foo.gif

There's also a cheaper version made from nylon which looks like an imitation, should do fine.
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I gave up on conventional straps. I went with BlackRapid slings and haven't looked back.
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I think the BlackRapid, Luma, etc. are great if you use them for more substantial cameras like DSLRs and so on but they're a bit over sized for a X100 or m43. I actually consider to ditch the strap for a small hand strap with the X100 (while actually considering ditching the X100 for a OM-D with the soon-to-be-released 17 1.8 early next year)
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They make a lightweight version for the small cameras along with a decent wrist strap. I have a half dozen cameras that I use regularly so I have one strap, a wrist strap and a few fasteners. It simplifies things.
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I'm fairly convinced I'm losing my mind. I just submitted 3 photos in an international competition and I'm going to approach Sony on a sponsorship for my pet project.
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Crane good luck! Also yeah I was looking at the rx100 myself a while back, nice camera. The r1 is great but for the price i would like interchangeable lenses.

For a good wrist strap try gordys I have one and it does its job for smaller cameras and real cheap too
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I would love to pick up a rx100 to replace my s95.
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Thanks IC, I'll need all the luck I can get. LOL! Even though the RX1 doesn't have an interchangeable lens the lens that's on it is a good choice for landscapes. It's the camera that I'm after from Sony for the sponsorship I mentioned.

Fidel, I've been wanting to replace my P&S camera for a while now and that RX100 looks like a really good choice in my book. Great glass, large sensor and RAW capable.
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something happened near the end of this roll. I like what it did to this one though


edit: really hate this new import picture stuff..
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The RX1 is an amazing camera, but I would not buy it. Sony has a history of putting out high concept, generation-ahead-of-the-industry, one-off products at silly prices. Usually, they are precursors for better realized, less expensive, main line models. Within a year or so, they will probably be selling full frame mirrorless cameras with OLED viewfinders and interchangeable lenses--at a lower cost. According to gossip amongst those who follow the company, they are planning a broad assault on Canon and Nikon with several new, innovative full frame options. They've specifically stated a full-frame NEX camera is possible. Wait.
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