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Lunch, iPhone 4S

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Nice shot and presentation laurens
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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

it doesn't seem to do well with backlit subjects. (even with the +2 stop adjustment lever)

What exactly are you expecting for backlit pics? There's a reason photographers avoid it like the plague, it's pretty much impossible to get a good shot like that.
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Can you throw a little fill flash in the backlit pic? Or get more of an angle so it's not ENTIRELY backli
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Well it has this little switch that gives it +2 stops. This was the result . Photographers don't avoid it like the plague . It's called spot metering .

Shoreman, yes I could have the only problem is this flash only pops up when it wants to lol. The angle thing would have worked too though. I was just trying to see how that little switch made a difference smile.gif
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I don't think the backlit pic is bad but would maybe crop it differently.
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Yeah you're right Kaplan maybe taking out his friend. He liked te photo though and used it for his fb profile pic lol

The problem I'm having is if its got light in the background at all it back focuses and meters off that light, even if its just under a shade tree lol . I guess it's just a point and shoot so what to expect right?
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But if it had metered on the subject, wouldn't the background end up significantly blown out?

As it is I think it's a pretty good balance - the jacket may have lost a lot of detail but the background is not completely blown out and the face has enough light. Obviously not perfectly lit, but with the grain and colours it makes for a nice vintage vibe IMO.
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Yes it would have blown the background out. It was an experiment in EV shifting. I'm sure if IC wanted to he could have done a balanced fill flash shot. Back lit shots can be very interesting and fun to do.
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Yeah it would have definitely blown out the background , this was my first roll ever so I had no idea how anything would turn out . I am pleased though! smile.gif
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So I try now for the first time to digitalize my analog pictures with my DSLR. I think I have to build one of these holders for the negatives, putting them on the table and shooting straight down isn't really accurate. But it's good enough to evaluate the picture.


The pictures have crazy lens flares because I was shooting at night with my Mamiya 645 without lens shade and it was raining. Actually I like how it looks, makes it a bit abstract.

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When did you get the 645? How do you like it? I think it's kinda cool how they turned out!
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Hmm... it's a love relationship. I have the Mamiya 645 1000s which I got quite cheap (170 €) together with a 80mm f/1.9 lens off eBay in mint condition. It's a solid camera, mostly metal with quality plastic. The lens hoods look like a plumbers tool but I think I should use it, the lenses seem to lose more contrast without it than I'm used from the Canon EF lenses (less sophisticated coatings?).

It has some drawbacks though. It's one of the Mamiya 645 models which has no replaceable backs, so you can't rotate it for portrait format. With the waist level finder you're stuck at shooting horizontal. That makes me think I should have gone to a 6x6 like Hasselblad or a Rolleicord. I don't want to get a prism because I only bought it because I want to shoot wlf.
Also the 80 1.9 is difficult to focus (it behaves like ~ 50mm f/1.2 in fullframe), I heard the 80mm f/2.8 is smaller and sharper.

But in the end, image quality is incredible. Makes me wonder what 6x9 would look like, that's twice the space.

That is from when I was shooting the bridge

Now I'm kinda considering what to do. I love shooting analog because of the way the images turn out (so I consider a Leica M, Voigtländer Bessa or Rolleicord), on the other hand it's a pain in the ass to get stuff developed and scanned (I have the choice between cheap & slow [2 weeks, 8 €] or fast & expensive [1 day, 18 €], scans are only 1.5 Megapixel at both). Unfortunately it's hard to get that look from digital. Analog b&w has my heart. confused.gif
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