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Yeah I will if it keeps giving me fits. I put a Leica style lens hood on it. It's a rather nice camera for a point and shoot . Now if I could only find a contax t series for cheap I'd be set
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Couldn't sleep so went out to shoot a bit.

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Oh good luck with that! Once you get the body then comes the lenses and then you'll really cry. I spent years trying to find a working Bullseye and when I did it was 2K for the camera but it came with accessories and 2 killer Zeiss lenses. I ended up passing on it because if it broke it would cost at least 600 bucks to get it fixed and that was not including parts if they could be found. In hindsight I should have bought it because the lenses alone are now going for about 3K.

If you want to play with a really interesting and not well known film camera find yourself a Minolta XK. There was nothing during the 70s that could touch it and Minolta made some serious glass. Hell they produced lenses for Leica and developed several camera bodies with them as well. Back in 73 the base XK camera and lens sold for almost a grand. Minolta lenses are starting to climb in price now that all the old Leica and Zeiss glass is sky high and getting hard to find.
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Szeph, how big is your town? I sure miss Cambridge and how everything was in one central location :/ That second picture is pretty cool with the reflections.

Crane I meant the contax t2 it's just a small camera point and shoot with an awesome lens. As far as film goes. I just want something small and portable but still have a relatively nice lens attached to it. smile.gif
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my old ad design professor


it doesn't seem to do well with backlit subjects. (even with the +2 stop adjustment lever)

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Ah OK. It looks like a good one but it seems to be a pricey little thing. My '58 Zeiss is sort of like a point and shoot. Once you meter it you lock the shutter and aperture set it at f8 and 30 feet and go. LOL! I'm not real sure I would be able to handle one of those fancy film cameras from the nineties. ROFL! I really need to quit dating myself.
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its basically a point and shoot with a damn nice lens on it, but yeah I'd never be able to afford one anytime soon. I think you could figure it out pretty quickly haha:D
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Yeah it's hard to beat Zeiss glass. I bought a little Kodak digital eons ago because it had a Zeiss lens. Dang thing took awesome pics until the shutter fried on it that is. I got a chance to mess around with a Zeiss 85mm on an A700 a while back. Unreal portrait lens. I have two 85 mm Minolta lenses, one is the varisoft 2.8 and the other is an early MC 1.7. You can focus on an eye and by the time you get just past the ear it softens up and fades off. The bokeh is awesome as well. I really need to get an adapter so I can run these lenses on the digital. Then I won't be so tempted to trash a credit card and end up with a 1600 buck lens.
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yeah you need to get yourself an adapter! they're so fun to play with smile.gif
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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

yeah you need to get yourself an adapter! they're so fun to play with smile.gif

I just ordered a fotodiox adapter and a split prism focusing screen. Interesting times ahead for sure.
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I am not a photographer...This is a picture of where I work, very beautiful out today.

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Not bad for not being a photographer. You have strong leading lines and diagonals pointing to your main subject and the composition in general is easy on the eye. Oh and I'm a fan of lens flare too.
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what are some good photography forums other than dp review?
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they have camera loyal sites for most makes, other than clue. I only come to this site for this thread lol.
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