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Is the canon 650D a good camera to start with?

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Originally Posted by Crane's View Post

OK first off that camera has a crop factor of around 1.5. Simply put multiply the lens length by this number and that's what you're really using. In your case you're shooting a 75mm prime. That's a really good focal length for portrait work. The reason why so many people advise starting out with a prime lens is a bit more complicated. One of the things it gets you to do is move around your subject. Back and forth, left and right and up and down. You learn about angles and perspective by moving. Primes are typically better at handling things like light falloff, sharpness and most of the time they're faster glass as well. All good things to have as far as pic taking is concerned. Learning with one fixed prime also helps you understand DOF, depth compression and so on. These things all change with each lens and if you mess with a bunch of glass at one time things can get confusing fast. Shooting a typical 50mm prime is a whole lot different than say an 800mm catadioptric lens.
So in regards to what your friend said about using a single prime is spot on. You have to think about what you need to do to get the shot you're after. As far as the 50 being OK for street use I would say it's a good place to start. Just remember it's not a 50 on that camera. It's a 75.


Hey, thanks for all your advice. I'm guessing you are somewhat of a 'pro' on these forums. I could do with a mentor like you. At the moment I'm just absorbing and learning as much as I can. I never thought I'd get into photography but after going to a 'street photography' exhibition in London and seeing some amazing images by Jessie Wright, I'm now hooked. I think I might subscribe to this thread and see if I can pick up any tips or advice from people like yourself.


I'm now bidding on a Minolta 50mm 1.7 prime lens from Ebay. I just can't afford the price of a new Sony 1.4 prime. Thank goodness there are so many used Minolta lenses floating around.

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Originally Posted by Jessica Helen View Post

Is the canon 650D a good camera to start with?

Good really isn't the right question. Technology has gotten to the point where just about anything is capable of capturing excellent images in a wide array of conditions. What you need to figure out is if this camera is suitable for your needs and what you want to do. Personally I would not have a problem using that camera. It runs in full manual mode, has good interchangeable lenses. It's got a decent megapixel count and runs well in ISO settings that I commonly use. One thing it does have is video and to me that's a turn off. It's not a deal breaker it's just something I really don't want in a still camera.
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Received back a roll of Ektar 100 I've shot with the Retina to test if it still works. Apparently my grandfather had 7 different ones, only found the IIC and IIc so far. Hope I find the IIIC with the 50mm f/2 lens.
Will go to shooting ASA 400 negative film with it, it seems that everything slower than 1/125 gets killed by incorrect shutter times.

Tried now the next store for development. Took 1 week, negatives seem to be ok but the scans are crazy awful 1.5 megapixel scans, worse quality than the scans of 10x15cm pictures I've done with my HP OfficeJet. Still waiting for a roll of Ilford XP2 in 120 that I brought to another store for development.

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Crane, you're going to be hardpressed to find cameras these days without video. The 650D is an awesome camera to start with. You could just keep adding lenses and never really need anything else.

Szeph, those are nice. Very contrasty, it looks like there's a lot of detail in there too...

I'm selling off all my olympus stuff :/ It sucks being broke, but at least I still have tons of film cameras to shoot with. When I get some money together I was looking at the XE-1. It looks promising for what I need. The o-md was downright awesome, but a little too small for my hands.
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Yep IC, video is just something I'll get used to having down the road. It's not a deal breaker by any means. Since the A900 is now discontinued prices are falling like a rock. That's going to be my next digital body. The big thing IMO is good glass that covers a wide array of situations. That's where I think you can get into trouble if you aren't careful these days.
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Crane, any idea why my L35AF runs down my batteries in like 5 shots or less? I put in new batteries and 3-5 shots later its done. I'm confused but I love this camera and don't want to trash it
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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

Crane, any idea why my L35AF runs down my batteries in like 5 shots or less? I put in new batteries and 3-5 shots later its done. I'm confused but I love this camera and don't want to trash it

Sounds like it's shorting somewhere. If you can get it apart look around the battery contact area for old battery crud shorting to ground. If it was a component it should smoke with that kind of drain. The batteries are hot when you take them out correct?
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No the batteries aren't hot. It's just it'll take a few frames I will try another and the shutter won't budge (like it does when it doesn't have batteries) so I will put in a fresh set and it'll kick back on and do the same thing. On a side note, I did put nihm batteries in it then notices it said no ncid . Do you think that would be the cause? I managed to shoot a roll and it looks great its just taking a lot of batteries lol
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Okay so I took out the batteries and cleaned the contacts they're nice and bright. Is there something under the connections that it touches to complete the circuit ? I shot one frame then it wouldn't let me fire another. I took out the batteries and replaced them back in there and it worked fine. Hmmmm....

Here's an iPhone shot of how the connectors look. It's not gritty looking like that in person but see how the connectors look clean?
L35 af battery compartment by TheCreativeD00m, on Flickr
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Nice background IC ffffuuuu.gif
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Haha my hairy kneecap
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Hmmmm. You had the mechanism hang, took out the batteries, replaced them and it reset correct? This thing has an electronic shutter correct?
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Yeah that's what happened , i will have to get back to you on te electronic shutter. I know there is no true off position just a switch tht doesn't let you push the shutter. The door that hangs is kind of loose, I'm wondering if its that.
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Could be. Make sure the batteries are really dead. If they aren't then you have the opposite problem. You know you could always bring it to someone and have it looked at for a few bucks. It's not like it was a cheap camera back in the day. I think they retailed for something like 250 bucks in the early 80s.
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