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Thanks guys, I like things leaning toward stark contrast. This was a fun pic to work with because it was so consistent with the tones in the original. I like NOBD's version of the sky, but something about just having it around the dog looked cool to me.

That horizon pic ia awesome NOBD.

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iPhone 4S, local forest:


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two from my mag


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Few of mine from the past 2 years, most of them were taken with an LX3
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A really crappy low res scan of Ektar 100 run through my Minolta SRT102 with a 28-85mm Rokkor MD macro zoom. Even though the scan is terrible you get the idea on how well this film handles color, highlights and shadows. I'm going to have several of the negatives scanned at the lab in ultra high resolution. Probably in the neighborhood of 5000 dpi. I've seen scans at 3000 dpi and there is literally no grain with this stuff.

Missouri River Valley by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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Wow, really some outstanding pictures lately. I especially like the colors in il ciclistas shots. What a pity you didn't post the beautiful lady you've put on flickr shog[1].gif

So I've been to Thailand the third time this year. Finally for vacation instead of business. We had a really beautiful apartment in Hua Hin to spend the holidays at the beach. The complex was quite the looker, be it during day, sunset or night.





We've visited temples, museums and a lot more. For example the Pala-u waterfalls...



... or also Zoo Dusit and Siam Ocean World.




After 5 days in Hua Hin we went back to Bangkok where I've had another 4 days in the city.



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Thanks Szeph, those are pretty much SOOC with spot metering. I love the colors of Olympus smile.gif however I did do an edit here

Szeph, very nice set! #2 and the zoo set are my favorite, so much clarity!

Crane, I love that man, so much detail drawn out and the colors are fantastic

trying something new here, is it working or no?

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Yeah IC Ektar and Portra never ceases to amaze me. If I had my druthers I would set up a darkroom and shoot a lot more film.

So what are you playing with their IC? Are you messing around with the Z axis or some kind of exposure/filter setting or perhaps some kind of cross lighting technique?
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It's actually Alien Skin Exposure 4. I just got it yesterday. It simulates film, and for those besides the die hard film guys that have been shooting a handful of films since the invention of the wheel, it looks the closest to the actual film I've ever seen. smile.gif
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Perhaps it's me. I don't see anything that would get me to think this is a film shot at all. Then again I might fall into that group that was around when the wheel was invented.

I suppose the real problem is there are so few darkrooms left that use optical equipment and do things the old way. If you haven't been around it you wouldn't know the difference. I've been around film a lot longer than digital equipment and processes.


Now I do see something that looks like lens flare but lens flare is a product of glass and not film.
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yes you're right this one fell under the realm of "color process" and there wasn't any film designation. However, they do have fuji, kodak, and a few others that they simulate with their tones and speed of the film (grain) It's suppose to be a lomo cross process color look with light leaks being the red things. I'm trying to shake things up a bit and step out of my own style for a while and see what happens from there smile.gif
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Car show here at the dealership a couple of years ago:

Moonstone Beach, CA last year:
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Crane, I know you are a Porta lover. Tell me if this is close to 160VC. I shot some with portra and my results were similar. You can click on it and view the larger version. I know it's a little hard to tell grain and that at such small size.


and this is Ektachrome 100G


and lastly Velvia 50

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Yeah that looks close. VC is a bit more saturated in true optical prints but my scans look just about like your pic. Really wish they didn't get rid of VC and NC even though the new stuff is a really great film for portrait work. It's not bad for landscapes either but IMO Ektar smokes it.

On that note I'm getting ready to do something different too. I'm going to try out some slide film and see how that goes.
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oh slide film would be fun, I'm a broke college student right now so digital is something I just have to work with for now. The price of developing, scanning, etc is pretty pricey. I still have a roll of Tri-X sitting at the developers lol they charge 12 bucks for just the development here. =/
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