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Post your photography skills! (self-gloss) - Page 214

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^ Amazing.

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Wow, thank you so much! biggrin.gif
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bored around the house today...


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I love Fall....

Fall Colors by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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Nice colours.
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From yesterday, a couple of fall pictures (pun intended)

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that last one is awesome. LOL'ed at my desk.
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There will be tears
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Tears for a very nice picture.
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Nice photos crane and gdl this year has flown by!
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It sure has IC and thanks.
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gdl, that pictures is absolutely awesome. Talking about perfect timing.

Got another roll back from developing. Still shooting Ilford XP2 because I really don't want to develop myself. Pictures are just real bad, quick scans.

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So, went for a walk the other day trying out some new settings and challenging my X100 with shooting straight into the sun:


- not a particularly interesting shot and SOOC, but when I got back my Fuji had caught the sticky apperture blades virus! Will be returning it tomorrow for service/new lens.
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Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart

Desert in Iceland

Salzburg, Austria

Subie that we road tripped around Iceland in, needless to say it was beat to hell and road like a champ

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Desert in Iceland




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