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Well technically no it isn't. The camera's film plane isn't parallel to the building so there's a problem with the vertical lines. This is where a tilt shift lens really shines. Now this problem is rather easily corrected in PS. Welcome to the hell known as architectural photography.
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Originally Posted by Kai View Post

Is this the Wind Rivers?
Vogelsang .. one of the high Sierra camps.

I think this was 3 shots from the N8, but my panorama app deleted the exif data for some reason.

This is Merced Lake.. early morning

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Im still lurking, just got back from an incredible internship.

not a mind blowing picture by any means.
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^ what is that? a pillow?

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Yeah. A baby toy pillow thing,I just got the camera and wanted to try it low light so I shot it in a dark room at 1/5
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Originally Posted by Hampton View Post

This is hot.

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went flying
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Some arty-farty pics:



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These pics hurt my eyes due to the amount of blur/out of focus. I think the image of the mossy wood, in particular, could be fantastic with a bit less.
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I get what you're saying.

I sort of made that moss pic:

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I prefer the original as you get more texture out of least I do, but it's all preferential anyway. Lovely spot to capture.
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You mean the first one (or the second)? Since they're different pictures. It was made with a P&S with a fixed 28 mm lens, so moving the camera slightly brings a whole lot more in or out of focus (very close by, that is).
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I think the second version is far better.
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I think I agree with you, and it's bigger as well, at least on my screen and that counts for something.

Thanks for the input.fistbump.gif
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My pleasure. I need to make more time for photography. I'd like to get into it a bit more heavily. I have a good starter camera with the D60, and I have some decent PS skills. Now I just need to make the time to pursue the practice.
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