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Originally Posted by Szeph el raton View Post

Is that a boston terrier? It's extra cute!

^yes its a male boston terrier named buster. there's a bit of an optical illusion with the pic because he's only 4mths old but already kind of big for a boston terrier at almost 13pounds (fully grown boston terrier adults sometimes only weigh that)
Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Nice dog pic. I think it can use some contrast: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
(Hope you don't mind my editing.)

thanks for the improvement! yup you're right... black and white pics can be really tricky.
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

I really like this one. Did you tweak it in any way?

Thanks! I turned up the contrast just a tiny bit and that's it.
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Beach trip
Surf beach

Lucky fireworks shot, playing with full manual

(No, I don't know her)
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Scouting out a location for a project, I took some pics with an iPhone 4. Some of them turned out OK as standalone pictures. Both were processed on Snapseed on an iPad:


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Not mine, but it's an amazing pic if its real.
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Back from business/vacation-trip to T-hailand. 5 days Bangkok, 3 days Hua Hin.

Didn't get to shoot a lot as it was raining nearly every day. I'm also a bit underwhelmed by the Panasonic GF2. While it is a great carry around camera, the performance isn't really what I've had expected (too much noise already at ISO 400 upwards), might look into changing it for a GX1 or OM-D E-M5 if they have at least one stop better noise behavior.







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Quick Q for the for pros out there.


How is it possible to take a photo where the focal point is clear (in focus) and the background is blurry (out of focus)


Now sure what this style of photo is called in order to Google it.


I am using a Canon S100 ... It is better than your standard point and shoot, I was told it has manual focus that would allow me to take a shot like this but it never seems to work...

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It's one of the few things in photography that has a relation to the gear you're using, it's easier the faster the lens is and the bigger the sensor is.

Basically advantages are:
- wide open aperture (f/2.8 or bigger [which means smaller number] )
- long focal length for background compression
- be close to the subject
- the subject is far from the background

One problem is, that the S100 has a quite small sensor, making it difficult (perhaps impossible?) to generate the blurry background. It supports f/2 which is actually a quite good aperture but unfortunately I don't think you'll be able to get much bokeh out of it.

To try it, go to manual mode or aperture priority (AV) and select the smallest f/number you can get (f/2, I guess it's changing when you're zoomingto something around f/5.6 at the tele end). Go quite close to your target, which is ideally far from the background.

But it's really something that is a bit affected by gear. With a 20mm f/1.7 lens on a m43 camera I only get the bokeh of a 40mm f/3.5 lens on my fullframe DSLR. The S100 has an even smaller sensor, so I guess there's not too much to expect. But besides that, great camera!
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With the Canon S100 the best shallow depth of focus shots you'll get are in macro. Keep the aperture at F2, focus on something small with the camera only a few inches from the subject, and watch the background going out of focus. The further away that background, the blurrier it'll be.

Btw, the manual focus doesn't really play into this. Use the halfpress for choosing your focus point and recompose.

Szeph, nice shots - especially the first one. These have all have some PP for the muted colours, etc?
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Just a Lightroom preset with some manual adjustments.
We've been two guys with DSLRs, shot 700 pics in 2 days. All vacation snap shots. When we went out with tripods, filters and stuff it started to rain when we reached the beach. Knee high water on the streets. Welcome to amazing Thailand.ffffuuuu.gif
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