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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Nice, as are the pics.
Thanks smile.gif Love this thing!
Originally Posted by Szeph el raton View Post

It's like a 5D II on steroids. Image quality is basically exactly the same but you have a way better AF system.
I've had heavy buyer's remorse when I heard the rumors about the 5D III but since the announcement today, I don't care anymore. The 5D III still has no spot metering linked to the active AF point (still only in the middle), it is still only flash sync 1/200 vs the 1/250 of the 1 series. Plus I have payed ~ 500 EUR less for a mint 1Ds III than the 5D III would cost me now (you could even add 370 € to the 5D III if you want the battery grip, which the 1Ds has built in).
It's a nice evolution of the 5D but I expected more to be honest. If I wouldn't prefer live view for landscape and night photography, I might even have "downgraded" to a 1Ds II which can be had used for the same money as a used 5D II.

WOW! Only $3,000?! Jesus, where to find one that would cost me that much! I'm thinking if the price also comes down enough I might sell off the 5DII in a year to get that 1DsIII. I have to agree with you on the 5DIII, I personally can't seem to get over the fact how Canon priced it so badly. If you look at Nikon and the D800 that just came out that looks to be more promising, I'm waiting on sample pictures from the 5DIII to really judge it. The only reason I would want the 5DIII is for the AF as it has the same AF as the 1DX coming out. I don't see why prices should drop on the 5D2 so much (yeah, it's older technology) because there's a $1000 price difference between the 5DIII and the 5DII. Oh and the battery grip for the 5DIII is insanely over-priced. I mean really? $500 for a GRIP?! Wtf Canon. Nikon looks to be way more promising as of now.

Plus, the D700 is going to be dropping way in price soon. Used prices should be around the $1600 mark by next month since Nikon is dropping the retail to IIRC ~$2000? I may be off a few hundred.
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Wrong currency, buddy teacha.gif The 5D III has been announced at 3300 EUR (incl. VAT) which translate roughly to 4400 USD. Battery grip seems to be 370 EUR. We have 19% VAT in Germany where I usually buy my stuff so it seems quite high compared to the states. I payed 2800 € for the used 1Ds III which seems a quite good price to me (mint condition, shutter count of 16k, all the accessories that come in the box), typically they go used with ~ 100k shutter count for up to 3500 €.
I guess if the 5D II would have had the auto focus of the 50D, no one would really care that much for a successor.
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No I know lol, I thought the 5DIII would have been priced accordingly to equal the price it is selling for here in the us so thats why i thought the 1DsIII you boughtwas <$3500. Wow though, you got a good price on it! That's insane for the 5DIII though, I guess for you guys it is like us paying around $3500 for the 5DIII.
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I've been to a night photography workshop today. It was kinda fun but I actually didn't learn anything I didn't know already.

Here some snapshots I've done

Nightphotography workshop (02.03.2012) von Philipp Abele auf Flickr

Nightphotography workshop (02.03.2012) von Philipp Abele auf Flickr

Nightphotography workshop (02.03.2012) von Philipp Abele auf Flickr
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I like that 2nd shot a lot! I need to try that one day...

I rented a 15mm fisheye this weekend just for fun (it was only 15 bucks for 3 days!)

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The 5DIII is selling for $3500 USD @ B&H... $3800 in Canada (we always get the short end of the stick despite parity with USD).

Having shot with the 5DII for two years now and shot a few times with the 7D (haven't touched a 1-series for my own shoot yet), I would argue that the 61pt AF upgrade on the 5DIII is enough to want me to get it. On the other hand, the pricing really puts me off... Had it been $3000 or similar to the D800 I probably would have considered upgrading this year after potentially selling my Mark II. I think anyone who has used the 5 or 1 series can agree with me that high ISO performance just isn't THAT important anymore. It's gotten to a point where the last generation's ISO performance was well sufficient, and when coupled with fast primes, you really don't need such high ISO's anymore.

With regards to the grip, haven't new models' grips always come in around the $500 price range? I guess this one has more controls on it so from that sense it might be more worthwhile... I was hoping they would make the BG-E6 for the Mark II compatible with the new Mark III model but I guess they would never do that even though they are using the same batteries.
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Originally Posted by il ciclista View Post

I like that 2nd shot a lot! I need to try that one day...
I rented a 15mm fisheye this weekend just for fun (it was only 15 bucks for 3 days!) Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

What is this, IC?
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It's like a decorative vase with wooden circles all over it
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Ok, here we go! Me + 5D2 + 85L + city = perfection!

Today are all the B&W photos, tomorrow are 1/2 of the color photos.
Looking up! by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr

NYC Officer by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr

IMG_6085.jpg by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr

Painter man by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr

And probably one of my favorites.
NYC Texter by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
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Pappy Van Winkle

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The "Outrageous Fun" sign really makes that last one.

Your logo is kinda big, no?
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Thanks smile.gif Yeah, the watermark is a bit big, but I made it smaller though.
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Some snapshots from this past weekend.




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