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Some P & S pics from the Hindu/Indian festival of Diwali, which happens to be today











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And some more Divali!

Divali 1 by npmeijer, on Flickr

Divali 2 by npmeijer, on Flickr

Divali 3 by npmeijer, on Flickr
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Here's something from the concert at the Oak Glenn Winery this past weekend. This time around a local band named Head Rush was playing. It's great when you get a nice day, a decent band and a crowd with a bit of alcohol in them. Once the crowd figures out you're the photographer for the event it doesn't take long for everyone to start playin' poser. Nothin' but fun and a good time and the best part is I'm getting paid for this. The last concert for the year is this weekend. Gonna be a long wait for Spring to arrive for sure.

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^Awesome capture!
Originally Posted by Kas View Post

And some more Divali!
Divali 2 by npmeijer, on Flickr

My absolute favorite indian sweet. Gotta love that indian food nod[1].gif





And... me! Had someone take this for me (although telling them how to properly take a picture was a pain in the ass...).

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Football player is great, krp.

* * *

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NOBD: interesting shot! I think the black and white works really well here, how does it look in colour?

Krp480: the football player is really good and I like the eyes shot as well. I'm not really feeling the other ones.

Crane's: shame you didn't get her other hand in the frame, but a cool shot nonetheless! I'm thinking you desaturarized it a little?

From more: more Divali! Yesterday was mostly a scouting exercise, so I knew where the good pics would be today:

Divali 4 by npmeijer, on Flickr

Divali 6 by npmeijer, on Flickr

And more in the set on flickr

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Thanks, Kas:

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If you ever post a close up of a spider, you're gonna have to give me fair warning.
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Originally Posted by Krp480 View Post

And... me! Had someone take this for me (although telling them how to properly take a picture was a pain in the ass...).

tell me about it! i usually shoot with manual focus primes so it's even harder... i always get back crappy pics
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I can't figure this one out, never seen anything like this:

Spooky St. Paul's by npmeijer, on Flickr

Basically, there's a shadow of a building in the clouds?
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Combination of some very misty/foggy/smoggy air and a very bright spotlight? Kinda like how the Bat-Signal must work. Cool effect.
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Trader- well that's why I would rather use a self timer and a tripod, its much easier biggrin.gif!

I was hoping that this thread wasn't going to have too many posts in it since the recent ones have been really good... but when I saw there were none where has everyone been??!?! Oh well... here are a few from the past few days:


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Very nice portrait, krp.
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x2 and i've been bad off sick , plus too busy with jobs/family/school to stop in.
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