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^ True, but the OP indicates he doesn't know that much about fitting suits. Also, he probably wants something standard like navy or charcoal, and he needs slim fit. I don't see this combination very often on B&R.

OP, if you are quite comfortable w/ the fit of Banana Republic, you can often find them on eBay for $100 to $150, maybe try that route with a reputable seller with a return policy?
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thanks gents. i still have some time so i think the BR suit will be a last-ditch option if i cant find anythign else. i am heading cross-border at some point in the near future, i will make sure to hit up a BB and a barneys and get a feel for some of the fits of some better brands so i can buy with confidence on b+s.
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If you really want a quality suit, I'd check out Harry Rosen this week. Although HR is usually a rip off, they have some Samuelsohn/Tilford suits on sale (starting today) for 699-799. That's not a bad price at the retail level.

You'll find that Samuelsohn has a good reputation on the forum, and its been compared to mainline Corneliani and Canali.
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