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Least bad cheap suit

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I usually wear a suit about three times a year, and I can't deal with the one I have anymore; I bought it before I came upon SF. Now, the real world beckons and I'll need something passable for weekly wear.

I have a 50% discount at Banana Republic, and knowing nothing about how to judge a suit's quality, how bad would I be getting fleeced? I would be paying about $350 CAD. I know there are better deals to be had on B+S, but I know nothing about fitting suits outside of making sure the shoulders fit, lapels are flat, etc. so I would prefer to buy one in person. This is another issue, being a canuck I pay absurd markup on SF-approved stuff here or get boned on the exchange/customs across the border. I saw Theory suits at Barneys for 700 iirc but add in those factors and it is well above my price range.

My primary concern is value on a student's budget, and my second concern is fit. I know I should be looking at this as an investment, but realistically $350 is at the high end of what I can afford at the moment. The one at BR is slim enough for my liking, I just want to know how they rank in terms of cheap suits. Are there better options to pursue?
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If it fits correctly in the shoulders, the length is appropriate for your height, the silhouette is flattering for your build, there aren't any crazy options like a 1.25" lapel, then my vote is go for it. Wearing something 3 times a year means you'll probably never have some of the lesser quality construction issues even show up (like the puckering of a fused jacket after a few runs thru the cleaners). Just stick to a staple color (navy blue, charcoal). And buy a white shirt at the same time.
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Pretty hard to find anything decent for $350. You will get three answers that will tell you to buy a Hugo Boss that they once found for $350 in 1997 at a 70% off sale.

If you live in NY, I am not sure that BR is significantly better than Uniqlo which will cost you less. Also, J Crew might have something in that range on sale.
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Hautelook has currently a sale for Marc New York suits at about 70% off MRSP. I think they might be better and cheaper option than Banana Republic.

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BR has a nice slim fit without being too tight or overly fashion forward. I have a few things from there and they are not bad quality, especially at 50% off.
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If you have a Nordstrom Rack nearby, try seeing what they have. My local store has a pretty decent selection of Hickey Freemans for around $350.

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Real cheap - Target (i.e. "Merona") or outlet store Calvin Klein.

I also like an online retailer called Chianti. Flame away, but they make a damn good "everyday" suit for pretty cheap. And it fits thin guys, which is hard to find.
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this is how I wish I had started out,

Go here;

Sign up for the deal flyers(this is a must, you will get these suits for $249-$289 USD, the Arnold Brant is $800 at Harry "Rip Off" Rosen)

and buy something like this;

or this;

buy a few of these at the same time;

Save up another $400 and go here and get something like this;

After taxes and the criminal UPS fees you will be under $350 CAD and have a nicer suit that will last you a few years longer than the crap from BR.

I have used STP for years for my everyday work clothes, I am by far one of the best dressed people in my industry, which isn't saying much, but it still helps.
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I am also slim. For the most part, you are screwed. Find something that fits, with styling that is decent, and go with it. I am constantly on the look-out for slim fit suits and dress shirts and Banana Republic is pretty decent. Nobody is expecting a college kid to show up for an interview wearing Kiton anyway.
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You could try buying half a dozen on ebay and try to flip them if they can't be helped.
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For ~ 350 I would go with a J Crew Ludlow on sale. Also check out dept stores during upcoming sales around turkey day / xmas, you can probably land a Theory / Hugo / Z Zegna for that range if you get lucky.
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probably j crew on sale, or even ralph lauren.

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Look at Benjamin suits on sale at Fully canvassed and they get a lot of love on here.
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I think most people who posted here missed the very important details about the poster being Canadian. There are very few retailers of fine clothing here, and sales aren't as significant as those at retailers in the States. You rarely find any sales at more than 40% on quality brands.

My advice would be to get yourself measured for a suit. Then you can buy from B&S without taking a risk.
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