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Twice in as many days I have narrowly missed a train thanks to getting stuck behind slow-moving fatties (what other kind is there?) in tunnels. Why must they waddle down the middle of the tunnel, not stick to one side?
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I had so many asshole offenders on my train this morning that I wanted to puke.
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Going on five years in NYC, I've experienced a lot (although not as much as some of the longer tenured folks here), but the two things that absolutely get me are the loud ass music in the subway (non-headphones and non-Showtime edition) and the people getting on before everyone gets off. Shit drives me bonkers. 

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At least you guys have a legit transit system. The LA blue line ends a mile away from LAX. Literally a mile away.
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It's easier to get to Newark in NJ than JFK or LGA by public transportation. 

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Our LA to SF 'bullet train' is currently scheduled to cost ~70 billion dollars.
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How much water could you buy with that? Enough for Tom Selleck's garden?

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Almost enough for his avocado grove
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I just died a little.
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Made it about halfway through the stories but I can't go any further. I'm browsing SF while waiting for dinner to heat up and now I'm not sure I can eat.
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Got on BART (SF Bay) last week. Over the last few years BART has switched from fabric covered seats to vinyl covered seats. Believe it or not, the floor used to be carpeted in a type of flat industrial berber. Fabric seats and carpeted flooring on a subway is kind of crazy when you think about it. Now, fabric was sometimes gross because people spill sh*t they shouldn't have on a subway anyway and bums and drunks sometimes piss on them. Vomit gets soaked up by the fabric seats/carpet as well. Yay, vinyl covered seats and floors, right? So I get on BART and the train I'm on smells like piss. No fabric seats and no carpet to so it's easy to spot. I look under the seat near the door, the handicapped or drunk/homeless bed, and see some liquid that i suspect is drying piss. I guess now the piss runs off the vinyl seats and pools on the floor. Yay! I guess carpet is worse but damn I'm glad I don't have to ride the subway everyday.

Oh and I learned that we now have regular traveling groups of entertainers like NY has. Progress! They come in, introduce themselves, dance and pass the hat around. Can't knock the hustle. Way better than that one lady who goes from train to train collecting money for her rheumatism or some such ailment. No matter how much people give her, she's still short $50.
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I encountered the "entertainers" a couple of weeks ago. I can't say I'm a fan, but as long as they don't get in my face for a donation, whatevs.
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Firing this thread up again:
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